Virtual Learning Environment

Overt Software Solutions offer a wide range of Virtual Learning Environment services. We have specialised in open source virtual learning environments since 2002 and have a great deal of experience. Our aim is to ensure your Virtual Learning Environment is the perfect fit for your organisation and Overt Software can help you every step of the way. Here are the main services that we offer for Virtual Learning Environments.

  • Virtual Learning Environment Consultancy
  • Virtual Learning Environment Hosting using our state of the art Cloud Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Servers
  • Virtual Learning Environment Unlimited Annual Support Packages
  • Virtual Learning Environment Theming
  • Virtual Learning Environment Custom Development

If you would like to contact us regarding any Virtual Learning Environment service. Then please contact us or alternatively use the Request Info & Prices box to the right.


Virtual Learning Environment for Schools

Overt Software has invested a great deal of time in developing the perfect Virtual Learning Environment for Schools. We provide schools with the tools and support they need in order to support learning and to obtain the best learning experience possible.

Overt Software’s Virtual Learning Environment for Schools is the best and here is why:

  • The very best technical support.
  • A complete solution provided to exceed the expectations of students and teachers alike.
  • Complete theming to make sure that the Virtual Learning Environment for Schools matches the familiar style of the school.
  • Comprehensive yet fun training to make sure that all staff members can utilise the Virtual Learning Environment for Schools to its full extent.
  • Hosting provided for a completely managed solution on our cloud hosting infrastructure.
  • Overt Software are education experts and have been providing the best solutions for the education sector since 2002.
  • Overt Software integrate with SIMS to provide seamless integration.

The above are just a few of the many reasons why we provide the very best Virtual Learning Environment for Schools if you have any questions about our platform or would like a demonstration or even a free trial contact us now by clicking here. We know that you will be very impressed.


Moodle and Shibboleth

Overt Software Solutions have been working with ‘Moodle‘ and ‘Shibboleth‘ for the past 10 years. We have expert knowledge in configuring moodle to work with shibboleth.

Here are a few benefits of using shibboleth and moodle together.

  • Allow you to seamlessly login to moodle using shibboleth and allowing one set of credentials to authenticate the user (this can be using the Active Directory credentials for example).
  • Most institutions tend to have moodle as one of the first pages for their users so enabling shibboleth on moodle allows users to seamlessly access the moodle as soon as the browser loads and then once authenticated to seamlessly (without logging in again) to move on to other resources .
  • Using one set of credentials increases security as users will not need to remember multiple passwords (which generally leads to users writing down the passwords in clear text).

We have very competitive prices for shibboleth enabling your moodle so if you would like more information please contact us on or alternatively call Overt Software directly on 01905 755546. Overt Software offer a wide range of services involving shibboleth so we can protect any internal or external resources that you have.