November 17

5 Recommendations to strengthen your VLE over Christmas

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A short guide with our 5 top tips on how to strengthen your VLE in preparation for the Christmas period. Watch until the end for a special 2021 Christmas deal!!


Connor Giles (CG) –  VLE Operations Manager 

Video Transcript:

[00:06]  Hi everyone, my name is Connor Giles and I'm the VLE Operations Manager at Overt Software. So, today I am going to be taking you through five recommendations to strengthen your VLE over Christmas. 

Strategy One

[00:24] So, to start with strategy one, we recommend that you update or patch your Moodle version before the Christmas period is over. This is just to make sure you are up to date with any exploits or vulnerabilities or and security patches that may have been released in the recent months. Visit Moodle's security announcement webpage to find the latest patches.

Strategy Two:

[00:45]  So, strategy two is to make sure you back up your data regularly, but that is not a worry for any of our customers as we have you covered with our daily backups in the event of a disaster. This will ensure that you're back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Strategy Three:

[01:04]  Strategy three is to make use of Overt's free Moodle Health Check, available on our website. This just means we will run a light scan of your Moodle set-up and highlight any concerns that we may have of any vulnerabilities or exploits that you may be of risk from. 

Stategy Four:

[01:25]  Strategy four is to make use of our Web Security Bundle which is available on our website. This includes a host of additional security measures that we can add to your existing set-up. More details of this can be seen on our website, please click here

Strategy Five:

[01:45] Strategy five  is to take out Overt's 24/7 support contract this is making sure that you are only an email or phone call away from support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Three support engineers are dressed up in christmas costumes. Next to them is red and orange test reading Get free 24/7 support valid for over december 2021

Christmas Deal:

[02:01]  And speaking of 24/7 contracts we now have an exciting offer available where you can get month of 24/7 support free with our 2021 Christmas deal. We are offering new 24/7 customers 5 free calls valid for over December 2021 only. This will cover you over the busy Christmas period and give you that little bit of extra troubleshooting security and there will be no pressure to enter a support contract with us once December has ended, just simply sign up by the end of November to get your 5 free calls. 

Closing Remarks:

[02:38] If you have any questions regarding any of the information given in this video please contact and they will be just an email away to helping you with your questions. Thank you and take Care.


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