SAAM – Shibboleth ADFS/Azure AD Authentication Module

With more and more Shibboleth organisations starting to use Microsoft’s “Active Directory Federation Services” & Azure AD, there becomes a need to seamlessly log on to both Shibboleth and ADFS / Azure resources.  ADFS / Azure resources such as SharePoint, Office 365 and Exchange (to name a few), need to work alongside the more traditional Shibboleth resources such as Learning Management Systems (such as BlackBoard/Moodle), Library systems (Heritage) and many other online e-resources.

Using these systems, users find that they need to log on to ADFS and Shibboleth separately, causing multiple logins and thus preventing a true Single Sign On (SSO) environment. This is against Overt’s ethos of True Single Sign On.  Utilising Overt’s Shibboleth ADFS/Azure AD Authentication Modules (SAAM) overcomes the need for separate Shibboleth and ADFS / Azure AD logins.  SAAM simultaneously logs the user into both ADFS / Azure AD & Shibboleth. This means that when a user accesses an ADFS / Azure AD or Shibboleth resource, they can seamlessly move between both platforms without the arduous task of logging in multiple times.

The diagram to the right outlines how SAAM & Shibboleth integrates with each other in a more simplified way. Please contact Overt Software for a more in-depth chat on how we can help.

“We’re very excited by the prospect of bringing Single Sign On between Shibboleth and Azure authenticated resources such as Office 365 to the University of Dundee. Our users will benefit from one unified familiar Sign in Experience wherever they go first which is a far better experience. This will simplify access to all kinds of resources in one stroke. Our pilot group think it’s fantastic, we’ve had nothing but great feedback. It’s been a great experience working with Overt in setting this up.”

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Use Cases

Provide Seamless SSO to Microsoft 365

Secure Seamless SSO to SharePoint

Allows you to remotely access Sharepoint, Office 365 and Exchange services (Internally or Externally using your Active Directory credentials).

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