About the Company

Overt Software Solutions is an established company which started in 2010. We are based in the UK, but provide solutions to businesses and educational institutions all over the world.

We believe in the benefits of Open Source software, such as lower cost of ownership, remove vendor lock in, better security, easily customisable etc. In fact, we think Open Source software should always be considered before any commercial software when deploying new technologies.

We specialise in providing installation, support and project management services, particularly in the areas of federated access management, cloud computing and Virtual Learning Environments.

A message from Overt Softwares CEO….

Most important of all are our customers. Since day one, our ethos of exceptional service and honest expert advice, has been at the heart of everything we do.We are passionate about all we do and like to keep things simple. To us we see the benefits of open source software being highlighted in the lower total cost of ownership, no vendor lock in and better security. In fact, we think open source software should always be considered before any commercial software when deploying new technologies.

Professional Support Services

Overt Software provides you with a complete support service. Our
active customer service monitoring, allows us to fix issues before they
become a problem.

There are no hidden costs. We provide a support service that gives you
great value for money and peace of mind.

With our team of professional specialists at hand, you can be reassured
that their knowledge and skills will resolve your problem quickly. At
Overt Software we know that when you have a problem it needs fixing
fast, before staff and learners start to suffer.

Overt Software’s online support portal gives you fast access to our
specialist engineers who will have you up and running in no time.
Or call us on our dedicated support telephone

2002JISC KC-ROLO as part of the Core-Middleware JISC Core
Middleware Programme
2005JISC CUCKOO Project partnering with Cardiff University
Establish a UK Shibboleth infrastructure Shibboleth early adopters
Creating a service to assist the early adopters
2008JISC PAMS Project Cardiff University
FEAIMS Project Cardiff University
2009JISC IDM tool kit Project LSE, Bristol & Cardiff University
2010Overt Software Solutions Ltd Incorportated
RAPTOR Project with Cardiff University
2012IDM Tool Kit Project Review LSE, Bristol & Cardiff University
2012/13Overt Software introduces Cloud IdP
JISC Collections E-Books for Skills Project