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Appearance Messages

Using this page you can edit various properties to change messages that appear on the IdP, particularly the login page.

The properties are loaded on the messages page inside a text area input box. This configuration consists of a property name (idp.title) and a value after the equals symbol (Overt Test). For example if we update the value for idp.title and set it from “Overt Test” to “Overt Software Testing” and then click save we will notice that the title on our IdP login screen is now “Overt Software Testing”.

Once you click save you will notice that a “revisions” link appears at the top next to the last updated date. Clicking this link will show you the dates that previous revisions were made to the file, and clicking on one of these dates will then allow you to see the contents of the file when that change was made so you can easily look back to see what a particular setting was previously set to. You could then restore these settings by copy and pasting them back into the message properties editor window and saving.