Dashboard Logs

This is the Dashboard Logs page – please see the help video to the right. We also have the text help below.

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Dashboard Logs

The dashboard logs page allows you to easily search through the dashboard audit logs. You can use this page to investigate logins to the administrative dashboard / who has enabled user filters and much more.

The dashboard logs are displayed in a tabular format and show the date/time of a specific user action on the dashboard.

There are a few event types that will be logged and more will be added as the dashboard development progresses. The dashboard audit logs will log the following events at present:-

  • Password resets
  • Login attempts
  • Failed logins
  • User filter enabled events

The event type will be broken down into the following:-

  • Event type ie, Login
  • User account the event corresponds to
  • The IP address of the user when the event was triggered

The log table allows you to specify more table rows to be displayed by adjusting the “Show ‘x’ entries” drop down box in the top left hand corner instead of having to use the pagination at the bottom of the table.

In the top right hand corner is a search box where you can search inside the event column. So it would be possible to search for all failed logins to the dashboard by simply searching for “failed login” in the search box. Similarly you could also look at when specific users had logged into the dashboard by entering their email address into the search box to find all events associated with that user account.