Dashboard Users

This is the Dashboard Users page – please see the help video to the right. We also have the text help below.

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Dashboard Users

The ‘Dashboard Users’ page allows you to create new user accounts for users to access the IdP Dashboard. You also have the ability to manage users and change their permission levels.

Creating a user

In the top left hand corner you will see a button labelled “New User” which will alow you to create a new dashboard user account. When creating a new user a form field is displayed allowing you to input the user’s username and to set the role for that user. The email address used must be a valid email address as the Dashboard will send out an email to the user containing their password and login instructions.

There are currently three roles to choose from:-

  • Admin Role – Allows the user to access everything on the Dashboard
  • Resource manager role – Allows the user to make changes to the ‘Granular Access Rules’ / adding new service providers. They will not however be able to perform admin functions such as adding new users / restarting services / changing users passwords etc
  • Viewer role – This allows the user to view statistics and logs but perform no changes to the IdP or Dashboard itself

Once the email address has been populated and a role chosen clicking “Create” will create the user and send them an email with their login details.

The Dashboard Users page displays a tabular list of user accounts already created on the Dashboard. Here you have the ability to either edit or delete a user account.

Editing a user

Once an account has been created it’s not possible to then change the user’s email address. If you did wish to do this you would have to delete the user account and re-create using the new email address.

You can manually reset a user’s Dashboard account password on the edit user screen, and also change the user’s role.

If you have not setup an email SMTP provider on the Dashboard you may need to use the edit user page to manually set or change a password for a user.

When editing a user if you leave the password field blank then no changes will be made to the user’s password.

Deleting a user

Simply click “Delete” next to the email address account you would like to remove from the Dashboard. You will then be presented with a confirmation page to make sure you did wish to delete the user. Clicking “Delete User” on this screen will confirm the deletion and remove the user account from the system.