Email Settings

This is the Email Settings page – please see the help video to the right. We also have the text help below.

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Email Settings

Here you can configure details of your SMTP server that you wish to send Dashboard emails through. It is important to set this up to ensure you are receiving emails from the Dashboard. Emails are sent from the Dashboard for a variety of reasons:-

  • User password resets
  • User creation password & login instructions
  • Automated reports
  • Self heal messages
  • Security messages

You can obtain your SMTP details from your email provider or IT department. Here we will demonstrate setting up SMTP emails for Google Apps and Office 365.

  • SMTP Address – This is the address of your email SMTP server (Google: / Office 365:
  • SMTP Port – You should use a secure TLS port (typically this would be 587 for both Google and Office 365)
  • SMTP Domain – This will need to be the domain for your email address. (In our case this is
  • Enable SMTP authentication – If your email provider requires SMTP authentication then you must tick this box (Both Google and Office 365 would require this field to be ticked)
  • SMTP Username – You will need to make sure you have an account created on your email service to send out email. Please note that this cannot be a group or shared inbox / distribution list. It has to be a full user email account. (For our example we wil be using
  • SMTP Password – This will be the password you used when creating the SMTP user account
  • Default send from address – This should be the same as your SMTP user email address (In our example this is This must match up to the SMTP username as some email providers may block emails if the send from address does not match up to the user account sending the email
  • Enable TLS – This will need to be ticked if you are using Google or Office 365
  • SMTP Authentication Type – For Google this will need to be set to “Plain” and for Office 365 you will need to set this to “Login (base64 encoded)”

Once all the settings have been entered you can save these by pressing “Update”.

Your Dashboard should now be configured to send out emails. To test this out please try requesting a password reset when logging into the Dashboard and a password reset email should be sent to your email inbox.