Localisation Settings

This is the localisation settings page – please see the help video to the right. We also have the text help below.

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Localisation Settings

You may need to change your localisation settings to match where you are in the world. The localisation settings allow you to configure the following settings:-

  • Locale – This will allow you to change the language the dashboard is displayed in. Currently only English language is supported, but please get in touch if you require another language as we can easily add this in
  • Time Zone – You should set this field to your local time zone. This is important to make sure you are getting the correct data for the correct time. Clicking this field will display a drop down list of all known time formats
  • Date format – This allows you to change the date format displayed on the dashboard to your preferred format such as dd/mm/yyyy, dd/mm/yy, mm/dd/yyy etc

Once you’ve made your selections on the form please click “Update” to save these changes.