Dashboard Overview

This is the dashboard Overview page – please see the help video to the right. We also have the text help below.

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Dashboard Overview

The dashboard overview page gives you key insights into your IdP’s health such as the status of the IdP (is it online or offline? and how many days has it been online since the last restart) / The amount of memory that is free on the IdP / The amount of free hard disk space / And the number of authentications to the IdP in the last 24 hours. The overview indicators will change colour depending on the status of the item (green = ok / yellow = warning / red = critical issue / blue = information).

Below the indicators is the IdP information which gives you key configuration information that service providers may require when signing up to their services such as the IdP entity ID / metadata URL and security scope. There is also some security information such as the dashboard version number / IdP version number / Java version number and Jetty version number.

To the right of the information section displays a quick link to the IdP statistics summary page and the number of authentications in the last 24 hours.

Below the IdP statistics displays a list of the top service providers accessed in the last 24 hours.

The navigation menu is on the left hand side of the screen and this can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the icon with the 3 lines.

Help documentation can be found for each menu item by clicking the question mark icon which will load up help documentation to give you more in depth information on that feature.