Resolver Test

This is the resolver test page – please see the help video to the right. We also have the text help below.

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Resolver Test

The resolver test page allows you to easily see what attributes are being released for a specific service provider and user. This is useful to make sure that required attributes are being released to a service provider, and allows you to easily debug attribute values for users to make sure the correct values are being released.

There are two text input boxes that must be filled in for the resolver test to work.

Performing a resolver test

Please fill out the text input boxes with the correct values:-

  • Requester – This is the entity ID of the service provider (for example
  • Principal – This is the user identifier or username of the user you wish to examine (this would typically be the user’s sAMAccountName from Active Directory)

Clicking the blue ‘Go’ button will then show a table below containing the attributes and values which are being released to the service provider specified in the requester field.

Finding service provider entity ID’s

If you want to find out the entity ID for a specific service provider you can do so by emailing them directly and asking for their entity ID. Or if you’ve previously authenticated to a resource you’ll be able to find a list of all the entity ID’s your IdP has authenticated to under “Dashboard Admin -> Statistics Settings”