Overt Software is proud to announce that we are partnering with Kortext—a solution that enables learners to seamlessly access eBooks on VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) platforms. Kortext’s advanced digital library platform integrates with your VLE of choice, enabling you to increase student engagement and optimise the online learning experience. 

Who are Kortext? 

Kortext is the UK’s leading platform offering digital textbooks and even audiobook subscription services to millions of learners worldwide. The company was founded in 2013, and has rapidly become a cornerstone of many institutions’ online learning plans. 

The Kortext application has been described as a personalized ‘digital bookshelf’ where learners and teachers can store and interact with eBooks and other academic resources. It is a cloud-based digital platform that is accessible from anywhere, at any time. Thousands of universities in hundreds of countries now use Kortext.  

But how can Kortext help VLE administrators and users?  

Kortext’s e-Platform can integrate into your chosen VLE and allow users to access its resources from within the VLE itself. It also includes a range of interactive tools that can increase engagement and collaboration. 

Learning providers can also use Kortext to gain insights into student engagement and learning outcomes using built-in data analytics features that are granular down to the level of the individual student. This enables more effective decision-making when it comes to acquisition, tailoring of learning plans, and the provision of support to learners. 

For example, a learning provider could use the platform to check which students read a particular eBook and for how long, and cross-reference that data with student grades recorded in the VLE. The learning provider would then have insight into how useful particular books are in helping students achieve learning outcomes, and be able to assign specific books to specific students. 

A wide range of subjects available 

The collection contains a comprehensive set of learning materials that covers many subjects. 

Kortext’s aims are to enable easy access to thousands of books that are otherwise expensive and inaccessible, to improve learning outcomes, and to promote international collaboration in education. As well as with Overt Software, Kortext has partnered with companies such as Microsoft and various charities. 

Access to Kortext is free for students at participating institutions. Using Kortext is simple for students—check out this quick demonstration of how to use Kortext’s Mobile Apps Reader: 

Open Access Kortext eBooks Overview 

The Kortext platform includes the following features and benefits: 

  • Quick search feature: Kortext’s search functionality allows you to search the entire “bookshelf” for specific words or phrases. In addition to enabling you to search for specific online textbooks, you can also search for Collections and Videos if these are available at your institution. The search function is intuitive and allows for easy navigation, making the learning experience smoother and more efficient. 
  • Accessible notes: Just like with physical textbooks, you can add your own notes, highlights and annotations with Kortext. However, unlike picking a physical book up from the library, you don’t have to see the notes of everyone else who had that book before you! What’s more, your notes and annotations are stored in just one easily accessible location. 
  • Collaboration with your classmates: While personalising your notes is great, sometimes you want to share notes with classmates when carrying out group work. With Kortext, you can share your notes with specific groups, and this even integrates seamlessly with email and Microsoft Teams. 
  • Customisable reading experience: Kortext is committed to fostering inclusivity in the learning process. The platform comes with a range of accessibility features that let you customise your reading experience to match your personal needs. You can change the size of fonts, their style, and the background colour behind the text. You can even listen to texts as audiobooks with the Read Aloud feature! 

Kortext FAQs  

  • Could I or my students get training to use Kortext?  

The Kortext app includes a tour of all basic features so that you can understand and use it instantly after installation. The Kortext website has a Student Help Centre full of FAQs, explainer videos, and other resources.  

  • How do I access Kortext through my VLE?  

Kortext’s Arcturus platform embeds directly into VLEs such as Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas, enabling users to access Kortext eBooks and other resources via single sign-on. Overt Software enables students to sign into the LMS (Learning Management System), VLE, and Kortext all with just one login, meaning that Kortext eBooks can be accessed seamlessly. 

  • Who can I contact if I have a problem while using Kortext, or difficulty accessing Kortext via my VLE?  

Kortext offers University Admin Support, where you can log requests with Kortext’s support team. If you are an Overt Software customer, you can also use Overt’s VLE support. 

Contact our Customer Success Team to get your Kortext eBooks on your VLE! 

A VLE with integrated Kortext eBooks can streamline and improve the online learning experience, enabling students to access essential resources quickly and reliably. The platform’s powerful analytics tools can also help learning providers enhance their online learning plans. 

For more information on how to gain access to Kortext’s extensive library of eBooks via your VLE, contact the Customer Success Team! 


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