Overt Software's Overseas Partners 

A note from our CEO

Hiring the right people is critical to the success of any business. Overt Software has been serving customers for years and we're looking for experienced people with a specific skill set to join our Indonesian regional operations team. With an opportunity to learn and grow, we'll make sure you get the support you need to find success with us. We are very excited to announce that we have recruited a local operations director (Seprahwati) with the soul responsibility of looking after this region!

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Meet Our New Team Member's Spirit Animal!

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Seprahwati - Operations Director

Meet Seprahwati our new operations director!! Seprahwati's spirit animal is the swan. A swan reflects on it's inner grace and beauty, shining forth for all those around her to see. Seprahwati's Swan spirit guide represents feminine grace, intuition and insight and as such, the swan helps her to see the various paths she can take to reach her operational goals and milestones. Seprahwati believes in her gut instincts and uses her swan totem to help her find the best solutions for the operations she works on. 

You can learn more about Overt Software and meet our other team members by clicking here.

Departments we are expanding!

Sales Onboarding

We are looking for a Sales Onboarding Specialist to provide best-in-class customer service and support to our new customers. You will be the first point of contact for all new clients, and will act as their guide through the process of set up, training, and overall success with our products. Full training will be provided, all we ask is that you have a friendly and proactive disposition.


The DevOps team is responsible for the deployment and management of the infrastructure that supports Overt Software's suite of products. They are also responsible for automating and managing all aspects of release cycles. Full training will be provided on all relevant opensource software and our products.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing team is responsible for developing and executing the marketing strategy for Overt Software. This includes identifying target audiences, implementing a content strategy, being responsible for developing and measuring the performance of promotional campaigns to increase customer awareness of products or services.

Why have we chosen Indonesia

We currently have a first-line support operation team located within Indonesia. The time difference between the UK/Indonesia is a benefit to the overall customer value chain as we can now provide them with a longer period in which they can access technical support.

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Where will we be located in Indonesia

We will mostly be looking to work within the Jakarta and Yogyakarta regions.

Our promise to our staff

Overt is a progressive company with a great track record in valuing and respecting all who add to the Overt value chain. We're committed to the principles of safety, wellbeing and career progression for all our employees.

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