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The platform offers various features to support active learning and student engagement. It includes note-taking capabilities, highlighting, bookmarking, and searching functionalities, allowing students to interact with the content, personalise their learning experience and encourage thorough engagement with electronic text and better learning outcomes. 

Kortext also provides analytics and reporting features that offer student progress and engagement insights. Educators can monitor student activity, identify areas of improvement, and personalise instruction based on the data generated by the platform. 

Disclaimer: Kortext Arcturus LTD do not provide 'textbooks, journal articles, research papers, lecture notes, and other relevant resources'. Kortext provide eBooks, open access publications and Open Educational Resources. 

Looking for something new to read? On behalf of the Overt Software Solutions team, we have curated 5 top genres with the best books to read in each category based on many hours of reading and research. You'll find more top exciting books to read, organised by category, on the Kortext digital bookshelf.   

Without delay, let's get started! 

Computing and Technology 

Computing technology has become crucial to many people's careers and daily lives. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and the Internet are just a few examples of how computing technology is used today.

The Computing and Technology area of the library explores how this technology works and provides resources that allow you to learn more about computers and their uses. Here are the 2 book recommendations on Computation and Technology from Kortext Digital Library that you will enjoy. 

Data privacy and trust in cloud computing - Theo Lynn, Jogn G. Mooney, Lisa van der Werff, and Grace Fox 

This book explores the relationship between data privacy and trust in cloud computing. Cloud technology has fueled rapid, dramatic technological change, enabling connectivity never seen before. However, this brave new world has problems: Several high-profile cases over the last few years have demonstrated cloud computing's uneasy relationship with data security and trust.  

This book ranks at the top of our list because it presents a framework for assurance and accountability in cloud computing. In addition, it also reviewed in detail the literature on trust, data privacy and protection, which is very important in today's world of sophisticated technology. 

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs -  Gerald Jay Sussman, Hal Abelson, and Julie Sussman 

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is an influential book about computer science. The authors have created new implementations for most of the major programming systems in SICP, reflecting their experience teaching the course at MIT since the first edition was published. 

The theme of dealing with time in computational models has been further developed in new ways. I.e.;  

1. To use objects with state 

2. Concurrent programming 

3. Functional programming and lazy evaluation  

4. Non-deterministic programming. 

This book contains all the programs from the first edition, with minor modifications and new editions to ensure the technical aspects are flexible in any Scheme implementation that adheres to the IEEE standard. 

Humanities & Arts 

The arts and humanities have been a long-time popular book genre. It plays a significant role in a person's life because it takes us to the core of being human. Reading this genre expands our knowledge of arts, culture, emotions, experiences and connections. Furthermore, It helps us to provide an understanding that aids us in communication with others, which is vital in building relationships with people in society. Here are the 2 book recommendations on the Humanities and arts category from Kortext Digital Library that you will enjoy. 

The unknown craftsmen – Soetsu Yanagi 

This book will challenge your ideas about art and beauty. It will make you think about the value of things made by anonymous craftsmen working in a set tradition for a lifetime. 

The late Soetsu Yanagi was the first to fully explore the traditional Japanese appreciation for "objects born, not made." This book contains a translation of selected writings by Mr Yanagi, who saw folk art as a manifestation of the essential world from which art, philosophy, and religion arise and in which the barriers between them disappear. The implications of his ideas are both far-reaching and practical. 

In this book, Soetsu Yanagi is introduced to Western readers for the first time. The late Bernard Leach, one of Japan's most essential potters and a friend of Mr Yanagi for fifty years has transmitted the insights of one of Japan's most influential thinkers. Seventy-six plates illustrate objects that underscore the universality of his concepts. 

Design through Discovery – Marjorie Elliott Bevlin 

 This book is a great choice for anyone who needs to understand the elements and principles of design as they apply to two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. 

This book is a basic introduction to design. It starts by explaining what design is and how to use the various tools designers use, including balance, form, texture, colour and mass. It then describes evolving elements and how they can be used together to create innovative designs. The book then explains how the structure works with design to enhance effectiveness. In addition, it provides in-depth information on different kinds of materials used for arts, from wood and glass through photography and sculpture to city planning. 

Classic Literature 

According to a survey conducted by YouGov in the United Kingdom, 61% of adults have read at least one classic novel in their lifetime. Classic literature is a genre that has stood the test of time, captivating readers for centuries. From Shakespeare's plays to Dickens' novels, classic literature can transport readers to different eras and worlds while offering insights into the human experience. Here are the 2 book recommendations on the classic literature category from Kortext Digital Library that you will enjoy. 

 Bleak House – Charles Dickens 

Bleak House is Charles Dickens's most remarkable novel because it depicts a legal system more interested in obstruction and obfuscation than resolution. It remains utterly contemporary. Dickens was an excellent actor; this novel is his performance as two disparate parts.  

In summary, Bleak House is often considered a novel about the law. Still, it is about the sadness and souls of two women: one who traded happiness for security and one who is driven by insecurity because she does not know who she is, which is a book full of curiosities that you will not stop turning each page until you finish the whole book. 

The Adventure of Tom Swayer – Mark Twain  

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was first published in 1876 and is the most famous work of Mark Twain. This novel tells a lot of stories about a cheerful childhood. That said, the stories in it are based on Mark Twain's own experiences and the characters in it. Fresh and full of imagination, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer summons the inner child within the reader.  

Mark Twain successfully extracted a boy's mind and put it down on paper. Overall, this book is very entertaining for both children and adults. 

Medicine/ Medical 

Medical books offer a diverse range of perspectives and approaches to healthcare. Medicine books are an essential tool for healthcare professionals, students, and anyone interested in learning more about the human body and the intricacies of medical care. These books provide invaluable information on anatomy and physiology and disease diagnosis and treatment. 

Reading Medical books can help you to critically evaluate the information presented in medical books and offer a diverse range of perspectives and information on topics related to medical care. Here are the 2 book recommendation on Medicine/Medical category from Kortext ELibrary that we believe you will enjoy. 

Anatomy Quizbook – Kerry G Baker 

The Anatomy Quizbook is a series of carefully selected questions that address core learning in clinically relevant anatomy. It allows both pre-med and medical students to improve their anatomy knowledge and performance in tests and examinations. The form of self-testing presented in this book has many benefits: it is proven to aid the retention of knowledge, increase attention and retention during lectures, and provide an enjoyable challenge while studying.  

Even though it is not necessary to learn everything there is to know about anatomy, it is recommended that you use this quizbook with a comprehensive anatomy textbook such as Clinically oriented Anatomy. 

In Defense of Food – Micheal Pollan 

 Michael Pollan has written about the relationships between nature and culture for over two decades. This book explores the ethics and ecology of eating. Micheal Pollan wrote this book as a celebration of food. Not the kind type of instant food that comes in a packet or has lists of unpronounceable ingredients.  

In his book, Michael Pollan sets out various pieces of advice, such as eating at a table or not buying food where you'd buy your petrol. He believed in following these instructions and that you would enrich your life, palate and sense of what it means to be healthy and happy if you did so. 

Society and Social science 

Society and social science offer valuable insights into the complex workings of human society, culture, and behaviour. These books provide readers with a deeper understanding of social issues and the tools to evaluate and engage with the world around them critically. As such, readers need to engage with various sources and perspectives to gain a more comprehensive understanding of social issues. Here are the 2 book recommendations on the society and social science category from Kortext Digital Library that you will enjoy. 

Patterns of Culture – Ruth Benedict 

Initially published in 1934, Ruth Benedict's Patterns of Culture is a classic anthropological text that explores the relationship between culture and personality. Influenced by psychological theory, Benedict suggests that each culture has a "personality type" or worldview that patterns the attitudes and behaviours of individuals. She refers to this patterning as the gestalt or configuration of culture.  

Benedict believed that each culture has its moral imperatives. She wrote in Patterns of Culture that she wished to show how each culture differs from others and how the people who live within those cultures perceive the world around them.  


Benedict's focus on cultural relativism has been influential in many fields, from multicultural studies to education and health care, which aim to be sensitive to the needs of all population segments. 


21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Yuval Noah Harari 

 Yuval Noah Harari takes readers on a thrilling journey through today's most urgent issues as he explains how we can maintain our collective and individual focus in the face of constant change.  

In the book, Harari divides the text into five parts: the technological challenge, the political challenge, despair and hope, truth and resilience. Each section contains touches of brilliance, and no single chapter will fail to enthral most readers somehow.

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