Moodle and Shibboleth in the Cloud moves the boundaries for institutions

Making the right decision

The FE, Learning and Skills Sector are under pressure to reduce costs and do more with less.

If there is one word that sums up the new approach to delivering e-learning it would probably be “efficiency”.  Whether in terms of infrastructure hardware, speed of the applications, software delivery, – all roads lead to institutions reaching new levels of lean operations, providing the best service possible with limited resources. Here at Overt Software we understand that institutions have to make bold decisions about what e-Learning initiatives will be priority. This means focusing on efficiency and reining in the unnecessary spending. In order to achieve cost savings many institutions will be looking to reduce overheads and streamline their processes by moving services on to the Cloud.

No more operating system support.

Using Cloud technology, Overt have been able not only to reduce the cost of a Moodle package, but remove the need for the institutions to support the operating system.  Other benefits include:

  • No upgrading of the server hardware
  • Cutting the costs of IT infrastructure and the operational support that it requires
  • Giving you a highly secure and stable 24/7 availability
  • Alleviating server single point of failure.
  • Providing a greener option by minimising your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Easy to scale-up as demand dictates by taking advantage of new Cloud resources
  • Enterprise NetApps Active-Active SAN cluster on provides you with full resilience.  Whilst the option of having a back-up solution in place is advisable, to date we have never had SAN outage or loss of any data.
  • High performance HP G7 blades compute nodes
  • Overt operates out of a state-of-the-art UK Data Centre on a fast and secure network.
  • Managed Data Centre specialists who provide expert 24x7x365 support

 Moodle 650:  Overt Cloud uses a completely different technology in the way your Moodle is deployed and hosted.

With efficiency and savings in mind, Overt Software has launched its “Moodle 650″.  That’s delivering Moodle, the popular Open Source LMS/VLE for as little as £650.  Located in a state-of-the-art Data Centre, themed front-pages (your corporate/institutional logo and colours) and two free webinar training sessions to get you up and running.

Put this alongside our Cloud IdP/SP single-sign-on solution and you not only get the speed, security, resilience and huge savings, but the added benefits of single-sign-on, Shibboleth Federated Access to JISC resources and the added guarantee that systems are available 24/7 365 days.  Ensuring systems are always available, that learners are productive and both staff and students are fully satisfied with the services they are receiving.

Here are some of the benefits:Forum posts mention that institutions have found Moodle 2 to be more server intensive and has been a considering factor why institutions haven’t moved from Moodle 1.9 (which will not be supported by as from June 2012) to Moodle2.  To us that is not a problem, due to our elastic platform within our Data Centre, benefiting from no hardware upgrades, as new Cloud/Data-centre SAN technology becomes available you take advantage of it, at no extra cost.

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How can we deliver more for less?

For those charged with delivering effective e-learning, Moodle 650 e-Learning and Cloud IdP/SP single-sign-on provide institutions with a cost-effective solutions.  With No more operating system support, using Cloud technology, Overt Software have been able not only to reduce the cost of a Moodle and Shibboleth IdP/SP packages, but remove the need for the institutions to support the underlying operating system .

Why move to the Cloud?

Within our state of the art Enterprise Data Centre which utilises Active-Active NetApp SAN clusters and HP G7 Blades, your VLE isn’t bound to any piece of hardware.  Unlike a dedicated (hosted internal or external) servers which can still be susceptible to hard-drive/memory corruption which in-turn can lose your Moodle data if not backed-up.


  • Will you be able to migrate our existing Moodle onto your Cloud solution?  Yes we can manage the entire process. But we don’t just leave it at that, we can also help you in moving your Moodle content, which is vital in getting you up and running.
  • How long would it take to create our online Moodle?  We can have you up and running in 30 minutes.  Our Engineers having years of experience and because you have opted for a Cloud solution, we can rapidly provision your Moodle.
  • Are we limited in resources?  Your Moodle 650 will enable you to have unlimited resources, we can provision more as your Moodle grows.
  • What about moving from our in-house Moodle 1.9 to the new hosted Moodle 2?  No problem.  Moodle 2 is mature and stable enough to let us run our Overt designed scripts to seamlessly upgrade you.
  • What about supporting our online Moodle?  We have a range of support packages that give you unlimited technical support, (sorry no Bronze, Silver or Gold. Support is unlimited for all) via our online Portal System, our or dedicated support line 9-5.  Our competitors ask how we can provide such an excellent service. It simple, we pride ourselves in getting it right first time, so that’s why we feel confident in offering an extensive Service Level Agreement to our customers.

Passionate commitment to customer service

This time of the year institutions are planning considerable financial investments in infrastructure and software.  As Cloud solution specialists, with experience of saving our customers money, Overt Software prides itself getting it right first time. Our team specialists have a proven track record of building Cloud solutions that create responsive, resilient and secure environments with a guaranteed pedigree that goes back to 2002.

Choose to engage with us and you’ll be keeping good company:

Andy May Head of IT City College Southampton

“I wouldn’t have a second thought in recommending Overt Software to anyone else as they are a company that are so easy to work with, as they have a real ‘can do attitude’. Just wish other software vendors had the same work ethic.”

“When looking for a partner to work with on implementation of Shibboleth, it was clear from the early meetings that Ed and his team had a real customer focused approach, where nothing was too much trouble”.

“We are always informed and kept up to date with any security vulnerabilities, and these are patched by Overt Software within a couple of days of being released at a time that is convenient for us and our users”.