PHP is a programming language that you can use to write Web applications. A Web application can be anything from a simple “contact us” form through to a fully-fledged blogging system, online store, or a forum system.

PHP is known as a server-side programming language. This means that it runs on the Web server. Most Web programming languages are server-side, but some, such as JavaScript, are client-side, which means they run on the Web browser.

The PHP engine (that the code that sits on the Web server and runs PHP scripts) is open source, which means anyone can access and work on the engine’s source code. This helps to ensure that PHP will be around for a long time to come.

PHP is free to download and use, which is one reason why it is so popular among Web hosting companies. You’ll find that the vast majority of Web hosting accounts support PHP and popular websites such as Yahoo!, Wikipedia and Facebook, all use PHP code extensively. We provide in-house or on-site, PHP beginners and advanced courses. With full user guide manuals and trainer support.