Orange Day – Orangutan Awareness


Here at Overt we are passionate about many charitable organisations. Recently Overt Software has become a patron of the Orangutan Foundation.

The Orangutan Foundation was founded in 1990. They are the foremost conservation organisation which works activly across the range of both Orangutan species.

Their Mission:
“Saving orangutans by protecting their tropical forest habitat, working with local communities and promoting research and education. Our approach goes beyond that of purely protecting orangutans. It recognises that orangutans are essential to their habitat, which is unique in its rich biodiversity and is crucial for local communities, who are as dependent on the forest as are the orangutans.”

The 10th-16th of Novemeber is Orangutan Awareness Week and Orange Day is on the 12th November. It is a time where all and any communities can come together and do small and big things to support the safeguarding of Indonesian Bornean habitat. All funds raised will go towards the conservation of orangutans in critical orangutan habitat. Our work prioritises conservation of standing forests and local capacity building to ensure orangutans and amazingly diverse habitat are protected into the future.

More information can be seen on the Orangutan Foundation website