Overt Deploy Anywhere Dashboard

At Overt Software, we understand it’s vital to be able to obtain feedback on the systems you’re using. Utilising a Single Sign On system can reveal a great deal of information regarding your users, such as:

  • What applications users are accessing
  • What times users are accessing these applications
  • Which applications are the most popular
  • Many more metrics

Our brand new Shibboleth ‘Deploy Anywhere’ Dashboard has been built with product owners in mind and is designed to give you unparalleled insight into your online resources such as online journals, e-books and databases.

The ‘Deploy Anywhere Dashboard’ allows you to search over specific and preset date ranges to find out what your most popular resources are and how many authentications are flowing through your identity provider. It also includes a suite of tools with the GDPR in mind so you can find out exactly what data is being released to which service providers allowing you to audit data release in a way that’s never been possible with Shibboleth before.

All statistical insights are displayed in an excellent set of intuitive usage graphs and tables and can be exported in common formats such as CSV for you to open in Excel and create your own custom reports for senior managers!

A whole suite of self-management features and self-healing abilities are also included to empower IT administrators to manage their own identity providers and carry out common tasks such as SSL certificate renewals / adding new Service Provider (SP) metadata / releasing new attributes to service providers and much more!

With budgets getting tight, we aim to help you get the most out of your Deploy Anywhere/Shibboleth environment. Why not let us work with you to enhance this powerful tool and allow you to generate stats from many web-based resources such as Moodle, SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365?


    Gives you a quick and simple overview of all your resources and activity.


    Listed by most accessed to least, within a simple and intuitive graph.


    List in date order with a fully customisable date range.


    Control access to your Service Providers with a powerful, visual granular access editor.

  • Export to CSV

    All reports (such as Authentications and Top Resources) can be exported easily into a CSV file for offline reporting and viewing.


    • Add more Admin users
    • Update your profile page
    • Add your local time zone

    • Worldwide federation setup
    • Now Shibboleth V3 Compliant

    Set up friendly names for your resources.

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