Database Integration

Database Integration

With an Overt IdP, you can connect to your existing user databases. This removes the need to migrate or duplicate your data to another location. Centralising this information and keeping your database as the authoritative source allows you to have complete control with either the Cloud or onsite solution.

Secure Connection to onsite Databases

Using our easy to setup User Database connector we can connect to your onsite databases through an encrypted connection. This means you do not need to allow any inbound connections to your network. These connections can be load balanced between multiple servers and different sites to give extra stability.

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  • Active Directory

    We can link into your onsite Active Directory. There is no synchronisation necessary as we securely and seamlessly query your Active Directory server in real time so it is always up-to-date. This gives you complete control over user access using systems that your IT staff are already familiar with.

  • MySQL

    Overt IdP can link with MySQL databases, so if you already have a web application with user details inside we can make that application become the authoritative authentication source.


    Much like MySQL, we can link in to MSSQL and use that as the authoritative source.

  • Any LDAP Database

    As well as AD, we can connect to any LDAP database, for example Novell, OpenLDAP, Oracle and many more.

  • Any JDBC Database

    As well as MSSQL and MySQL, we can connect to any JDBC-compliant database.

  • Built-In User Database

    If you do not currently have an authoritative user database, you can use the built-in database included with the Overt IdP. This allows you to create user accounts and set various attributes to allow access to resources.

  • Web Services

    We can connect to SOAP and RESTFUL web services to authenticate and retrieve attributes. If you need more information and would like to check if your web service is supported, please contact us.