Single Sign On

Single Sign On

Overt Software’s IdP provides access to web based resources without needing to login multiple times. Users only need to sign in once on the internal network or through the Overt IdP login page and then they can access all protected applications without having to login again for that session. Utilising the Overt Software App portal, you can further increase the ease of access for your users to your applications by providing a single point from which they can access all of the organisation’s protected web apps, allowing one click access.

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True Single Sign On

Overt App Portal

Seamless SSO

Once a user has logged in on the network, they are automatically signed into Overt IdP. This means that they do not need to login a second time to access a resource that is protected by Shibboleth/SAML.

Ease of Access

Users can easily obtain access to the organisation’s applications using the app portal. This can be done on their phone, tablet or PC. They no longer need to enter their password, usernames or remember the URL- all they need to do is access the portal!