June 29

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    Welcome to Overt's June 2023 Newsletter! Stay informed and entertained by joining us for the thrilling highlights of our June journey. In this issue, we'll be sharing an important notice and some very exciting news:

    Annual Service Review

    Book an Annual Service Review consultation with Overt Software

    Schedule a Service Review session to enhance your Overt Software experience. We'll evaluate prior performance, collect your input, and devise improvement strategies. Overt is devoted to enhancing our bond and ensuring your triumph.

    Secure your Service Review appointment today by emailing success@overtsoftware.com.

    Big Blue Button BBB Vulnerability Update Notice

    Attention BBB Hosting & Support customers: Overt is aware of vulnerabilities within BBB. These have been addressed in the latest release. Please review the vulnerability details or log a support ticket to learn more. If no update time is provided, Overt will schedule a time and notify you accordingly.

    Welcome Ilham to Overt Software!

    Please extend a heartfelt welcome to Ilham, our new PHP Developer at Overt Software!  We are truly excited to have him on board, and we look forward to a bright                                                                                                                future together.

     With Ilham's expertise, we anticipate a collaborative journey filled with growth, innovation, and shared accomplishments. Join us as we build a strong bond and strive for continued success.

    Meet Overt Software's new PHP Developer - Ilham

    Overt Embraces Diversity & Well-being

    During July, numerous occasions promoting self-expression and mindfulness were celebrated. These include Pride Month, Men's Mental Health Week, and Bring Your Dog to Work Day. The Overt community has actively embraced the collective atmosphere, enthusiastically participating in these events.

    Celebrating LGBTQ+ inventors:
    At Overt Software Solutions, we would like to extend our warm wishes to everyone, celebrating the joyous occasion of Pride Month. Join us in honoring the LGBTQ+ inventors and technology pioneers who have made remarkable contributions to shaping the technological world as we know it. Click here to delve into our captivating blog, where we pay homage to their incredible legacy.

    Show us your blue:
    In our weekly staff meeting, the Overt Team proudly sported light blue attire to champion Men's Health Week! We have long prioritised the well-being of our colleagues, and now it's time to unite and share our #ShowUsYourBlue pictures to raise awareness about mental health and highlight its significance. Remember, Mental Health Awareness truly matters!

    LGBTQ+ Inventors and Pioneers of Technology.
    Men's Mental Health Week

    Bring your dog to work day:
    While our pets were enjoying the sunny warmth from the comfort of their homes, Overt Software didn't hesitate to howl a big shout-out to our adorable, fluffy pals on our social media platforms! Raising a virtual paw for our furry co-workers, even if they were off-duty.

    Overt Software: Bring your dog to work 2023

    We hope you enjoy this newsletter, if you have any questions or would like more information about the topics covered, please contact our Customer Success Team

    Thank you for reading!


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