The multi-site virtual machine failover process with inter-datacenter routing consolidates a number of servers behind a single routed IP address at the same datacenter as the primary server being protected. In the event of a failure affecting the primary machine, traffic is dynamically updated within 60 seconds to re-route traffic to a replicated server(s) in a secondary datacenter.

In english, we simply replicate one or more of your servers from one cloud datacenter to another. You then point your DNS at the IP we give you and, hey presto ! Your cloud machine can now be failed over to another datacentre at will. We can monitor a wide range of services to initiate a failed state to make sure that when your service isn’t operating correctly we failover.

The solution, as well as monitoring your cloud machines, failing over traffic, and notifying you, also provides comprehensive Intrusion Detection and Prevention technology, including DOS and DDOS prevention – so your services are not only made amazingly redundant – but secured too!!