Cloud Hosting is providing a service which allows companies to provision Cloud Computing resources as a hosted service. Most companies don’t want the day to day hassle of building their own private cloud and have to worry about the management and cost implications.

The advantages of Cloud Hosting are simple:

Built in redundancy

  • The way that cloud hosting works is that resources are pooled together in the “cloud”. This means that your server runs across many physical servers and is not tied down to one machine resulting in a single point of failure. With Overt Software’s cloud hosting we ensure that there is lots of extra capacity to handle any failed hardware or unavailable network segments to ensure that your services are not even slightly affected.

Effective use of resources

  • With Overt Software’s cloud hosting you no longer need to worry about trying to future proof your resources and designing a specification that you wont need for years to come. You will be able to decide on what resources you need now then at any-time in the future you can provision more resources for your server when ever you require more.

Highly Scalable and “Easy”

  • There is no need to worry about the physical hardware as Overt Software will manage this for you. When you need more resources all you need to do is ask and we can increase your servers RAM, HDD, CPU and IPs. When we need to add more resource to the cloud all we need to do is pop in another hypervisor server, or add more HDDs to the SAN with no downtime to your server at all.

Separation of Roles

  • There’s no need to have one server that does everything any more. Dedicated a single cloud server for a single client. Dedicate it to a single task or role.

Green and economical

  • Since you are using less resources as a whole it results in your server requiring less infrastructure and less power. Did you know that most datacenter’s require an extra 50% power just to cool the server to its operating limits? So for each server you no longer require that’s 150% of the power footprint that you would be saving. This means that you are being environmentally friendly and making a good decision for your business.

Simplified Management

  • Managing virtualised services is so much simpler than physical ones. We include backup and firewall services free of charge.