Overt Software has a wealth of expertise and experience in connecting users to resources, our engineers have been working in the field with Shibboleth since 2002, including many JISC funded projects.  Our track record in working with the Academic Community in obtaining the best of what the UK federation has to offer is proof of our ability.  With our in-house skill set to Shibboleth enable Web Apps such as SharePoint, Google Apps, Microsoft 365, Heritage, Moodle and many more web-based applications that can be single sign-on enabled.

As a member of the Shibboleth Consortium, Overt Software has built on their years of experience working with Shibboleth and have developed a “Cloud IdP/SP solution” to alleviate the problems that the typical institutional server based platform could encounter.  Using Cloud technology, Overt have been able not only to reduce the cost of an IdP/SP package, but remove the need for the institutions to support the underlying operating system and other related software.  Other benefits include:

  • No upgrading of the server hardware.
  • Cutting the costs of IT infrastructure and the operational support that it requires.
  • Giving you a highly secure and stable 24/7 availability.
  • Alleviate the IdP server single point of failure.
  • Providing a greener option by minimising your energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Easy to scale-up, as demand dictates (reducing the need of IdP load balancing) by taking advantage of Cloud resources.
  • Free new feature rich usage report tools are available as part of the package (RAPTOR Tool).
  • Overt operates out of a state-of-the-art UK Data Centre on a fast and secure network.
  • Managed Data Centre specialists who provide expert 24x7x365 support, with delivery underpinned by our ISO27001 controls.

Our experience has shown that planning and understanding in what’s required in becoming a member of the UK federation and to benefit from the wealth of online resources.

Service Providers can also benefit from our hosted solution, whether in-house or hosted we can provide a complete support package.