Shibboleth Active Directory

Overt Software solutions, provide many different packages for installation of shibboleth. We can make sure that your shibboleth installation communicates and works well with active directory.

So what are the benefits of linking shibboleth and active directory?

  • Using shibboleth + active directory means that your users will be able to access resources using their home credentials
  • Shibboleth + Active Directory means that you stay in control of the users access by enabling or disabling their account in active directory.
  • Your users will not need yet another account username and password to remember
  • Shibboleth will be able to access any information inside of active directory and release it to a service provider (if you want it to) however you still stay in control of what is released and what is not.

Overt Software solutions can implement shibboleth + active directory for you at competitive rates. For a quote please contact overt software on 01905 755546. Alternatively send an email to or use the contact form found here.