Shibboleth Load Balancing

Why Load Balance?

If you are looking to simplify your web application authentication and access under one system, it is imperative that it is fault tolerant and highly available. The reason for this is that if you are protecting multiple applications with one system and that system becomes unavailable, it effectively makes all your protected applications unavailable. It was for this reason that Overt Software developed the Load-balanced Shibboleth setup. This provides you with peace of mind that your authentication platform is fault tolerant and does not have a single point of failure.

Load Balancing Features

  • Shibboleth can become your main (or sole) software to use for Single Sign On and Federated Access
  • Full support and installation services
  • Load balanced Shibboleth setups allow upgrades and configuration changes to be made without downtime and interruption to users access
  • Access to many different systems using Shibboleth, including internal resources such as VLEs (Blackboard, Moodle), Library Systems, Office 365, Google Apps, etc
  • Shibboleth can enable Seamless Single Sign On, this means that if the user is logged onto a workstation at your institution they are automatically logged onto Shibboleth and any resource that Shibboleth protects
  • Externally, once the user logs in once to Shibboleth they will not need to put their username and password in again for the entire session
  • This can be deployed either on-site or on our cloud infrastructure

Load Balanced Diagram

Load Balanced Shibboleth - New Page (1)

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