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Overt’s Shibboleth IdP self-healing technology – Science fiction or a reality? Monday 27th November 12.30 PM – 1.30 PM GMT

Tuesday 28th November 6.00 PM – 7.00 PM GMT

Wednesday 29th November 6.00 AM – 7.00 AM GMT

Have you ever just left the office, started your journey home, or sat down on a Friday evening to watch the latest Netflix show- only to receive an alert on your phone (and no, it’s not the pizza delivery notification you have been waiting for)? You have received an email that your Shibboleth IdP is down and no students can can access their resources! Learn about our new self-healing technology that can make this nightmare scenario a problem of the past. Click here to Register

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Free Shibboleth V2 to V3 Audit

We are currently providing free Shibboleth v2 to v3 audit, which will highlight potential issues with upgrading as well as give valuable advice for the upgrade. Please click here to register for your free Shibboleth audit.