Customer Onboarding:

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Accessing your account

This short video guide will take you through the steps involved when logging into your account for the first time. 

How to reset your password

In this short video guide, we will walk you through the process of resetting your password step by step.

Changing your password

In this short video guide you will be taken through the process of how you can change your password. Ensuring your password is kept secure is one of the most important ways to keep your account and details safe. 

Managing your organisation's details

In this short video guide we will show you how you can check and update your organisation's details, such as your finance contact information. By keeping your organisation's details up to date you will help us keep the renewal process' as smooth and pain free as possible. 

Adding and editing contacts

This short video guide will explain how you can keep your contacts details relevant and up to date. Note: a contact cannot create support tickets. Once they are a contact they will need to be invited as a user to be able to create support tickets (please see below video for details).

User permissions for support tickets

To create a support ticket an existing contact (please see above video for how to create a contact) has to be invited by the main contact to become a user. This short video guide will quickly take you though the process of inviting a new user. 

Creating and reviewing support tickets

This short video guide will take you through the steps of creating a support ticket and how to review archived tickets. 

Checking your current products and services

This short video guide will highlight where you can find information about your products and services, such as, renewal dates, active status and more...

Finding your service level agreement (SLA)

This short video guide will show you where you can find and download our current SLA from your support portal dashboard. 

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Overt Software's concierge sevice 

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