SSO Products

See our suite of Single Sign-On (SSO) and Access Management products below. Click the button below if you want to speak to one of our experts.

Shibboleth Idp Support and 24/7 Support

We provide Single Sign On implementation and Federated Access Management services utilising Shibboleth and our AuthRhino product.

Shibboleth Azure AD / ADFS Authentication Module (SAAM)

Use our Shibboleth Azure AD/ADFS Modules (SAAM) to create one login for Shibboleth & Azure AD. No longer will your users have to login twice to access 365 and federated resources.

Shibboleth Dashboard

Tired of not having any information from your Shibboleth IdP. Then use our completely free Shibboleth Dashboard to generate stats from your federated access.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) 

Passwords are the most common form of authentication used in the world today. But unfortunately, passwords are one of the least secure forms of authentication commonly forgotten and easily compromised. Utilise our powerful and affordable MFA solution today.

EZPZ SP (Wordpress SAML Plugin)

Wordpress is one of the worlds most popular CMS's.  Using the EZPZ Sp wordpress plugin we sort to bring SAML SSO / Federated Access to Wordpress in an easy way. Why not download our free plugin from the plugin store now and start allowing access via SAML to your wordpress website.

See what our customers say about us


We’re very excited by the prospect of bringing Single Sign On between Shibboleth and Azure authenticated resources such as Office 365 to the University of Dundee. Our users will benefit from one unified familiar Sign in Experience wherever they go first which is a far better experience. This will simplify access to all kinds of resources in one stroke. Our pilot group think it’s fantastic, we’ve had nothing but great feedback. It’s been a great experience working with Overt in setting this up.


Very intuitive process to install and configure the plugin. The SP -> IDP relationship in SAML is obviously well understood by the team behind ezpz-sp who are very attentive and alert to support requests. We have had a very good experience installing and configuring the plugin and are very happy with the results. Thoroughly recommended!!