Custom Development

Extend Moodle functionality with custom block/mod/report development

  • Extend default Moodle functionality
  • Create new modules
  • Create new blocks
  • Create custom reporting functionality

Moodle custom development

Out of the box Moodle is an incredibly modular platform. The clue is in the name "Modular Object Orientated Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE).

The public Moodle repositories contain hundreds of excellent plugins you can use to extend the default functionality within Moodle.

If you want to add a certain feature into Moodle, chances are there is a plugin available to achieve your goal on the Moodle plugin repository. But what if there isn't?

This is where custom development can help you as our team of developers can create any bespoke plugin for your Moodle environment to your exact requirements.

Custom Mods & Blocks

Custom mods and blocks are some of the more popular requests for custom development.

We can help you create new activities and resources to use within your Moodle courses, and Moodle blocks which can be added site wide or on specific Moodle courses.

To provide an example, we recently developed a Moodle block to help an institution perform house keeping of courses within their VLE. The particular block was set to display on all the institutions courses and provided a window for course tutors to mark their course as active and in use. The institution then used this data to flag which courses on Moodle were inactive and able to be removed to significantly reduce the number of Moodle courses on their platform.

As well as providing the ability to mark a course as active, the block also performs it's own intelligence gathering on a course such as the last time a user was enrolled / last time the course was accessed etc to provide more business insights to VLE administrators about the current state of their Moodle courses.

Custom reporting 

Out of the box we find many users are unhappy with the level of reporting built into Moodle. 

Whilst possible to extend reporting capabilities with the 'ad-hoc reporting module' available for download on the Moodle plugin repository, this option is not suitable for all VLE administrators as it assumes you have a level of proficiency in creating your own SQL queries to interrogate the database.

We can help you to create custom reporting functionality on your VLE to allow you to run the reports that matter to you.

Extract data from your VLE and perform business intelligence to get the best out of your platform.

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Do you have specific Moodle functionality in mind you're looking to implement? 

With custom development the sky is the limit as to what you can achieve with your VLE.

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