Mahara e-Portfolio

Utilising the open source software Mahara we can provide a secure, fast and stable e-Portfolio system for users to collaborate!

  • Give your users their own space to be creative.
  • Create your resume
  • Create a profile of your previous/current work
  • Allow your users to collaborate
  • Link with Moodle seamlessly via our Mahoodle link
  • GDPR features available (Mahara 18.04 onwards)


Mahara is one of the core products for Overt and has been for quite some time! Needless to say this means our engineers have numerous years experience keeping Mahara up to date and secure. Although not as popular as Moodle, this doesn't mean it isn't a powerful tool! 

Mahara allows users to collaborate on documents and create their own space that they can work on their assignments or maybe even their own resume. With our link to Moodle (Mahoodle), integrations between our services have never been stronger. 

Mahoodle Integration

Over the years, Overt has strived to keep our products safe and secure. With the Mahoodle link, logging into Mahara is now seamless and secure! The login flow would be as follows:

Log in to Moodle > Click the link to Mahara > You're in to your own account!

No passwords required, all this requires is that you have a valid Moodle account available and you can have access to your own portfolio.

If you're interested in this integration, please do get in touch!

Privacy and Security

The Overt IdP provides access to web-based resources without needing to login multiple times.

Once a user has logged onto the institutional network they are automatically signed into the Overt IdP. This means that they do not need to login a second time to access a resource that is protected by Shibboleth/ SAML.

At Overt Software, we understand it’s vital to be able to obtain feedback on the systems you’re using. That’s why our simple & intuitive Dashboard comes free with all our Deploy Anywhere range of services.