24/7 LMS Support

Our 24/7 Support Packages are available for Learning Management Systems (LMS), Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and Continued Professional Development (CPD) Platforms.

Let us help you support your students, academic staff and IT support team with Overt’s 24/7 LMS Support. All of our LMS support contracts are maintained by a dedicated and expericenced team of technical engineers. 

3 technical 247 support engineers providing 247 LMS support

scott Everett | IT Business Services & E-Learning Manager | Colchester Institute

Overt Software make it very easy for us to manage our Moodle. The technical support is great and if we ever have an issue they are always very quick to respond.  Overt have made the maintenance of our Moodle simple, meaning we can focus on the content and experience it provides to our staff and students. They have provided us with worry free Moodle-ing. 

Benefits of 24/7 support

Support engineer providing 247 support internaionally all over the world worldwide. Man stood infront of planet earth with large 24 on it.
Worldwide Support                      

As an international company, our team of engineers have been providing honest and expert advice since 2010 all over the world.  

247 support engineer looking after software moodle and shibboleth updates surrounded by orange cogs
Schedule out of hours work                                                  

You can now proactively maintain your systems by exchanging any of your 24/7 emergency calls for an out-of-hours update with one of our technical engineers!

247 support engineer saving client time with 247 support
We're an extention of you                                

We consider ourselves an extension of your team and work alongside your engineers to help save them time by sorting issues out together.

3 technical support engineers caring and looking after moodle and shibboleth software
Peace of mind                                            

While your IT technicians get some valuable R&R, our experienced team of engineers are working hard to maintain your virtual learning system and resources.

Geoff Kendall Smith  | Director of Digital Innovation  | Royal Agricultural University 

Overt has a ‘get-it-done’ attitude so that, when we raise a ticket, it gets triaged then delivered – efficient and effective. All as part of the service. 

We have not had any unexpected costs so managing the contract within the budget has been very easy. 

Personalised Plans To Suit Your Institution

Our support has been designed with you in mind. We know that one solution does not suit everyone, which is why we have designed a selection of LMS 247 support packages to fit your organisation's needs. 247 support includes additional features from our regular support contracts; you will recieve a guaranteed high priority response rate, specified number of out of hours calls and out of hours updates.  We maintain your e-learning platform so you and your technical team can rest easy.

VLE Basic

Out of Hours:                   12 calls per year                 12hr response time          

Price from

GBP | £4,740 

USD | $6,067

VLE Standard

Out of Hours:                     32 calls per year          8hr response time   

Price from

GBP | £8,070 

USD | $10,329

VLE Premium 

Out of Hours:                     48 calls per year                 4hr response time     

Price from

GBP | £11,844 

USD | $15,160 

VLE Enterprise

Out of Hours:                      64 calls per year          1hr response time

Price from

GBP | £15,396 

USD | $19,706

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