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December is one of the busiest times of the year. As Christmas approaches, it's time to celebrate the most famous resident of the North Pole: Santa!

Santa has a big job on his hands every year building and delivering presents to children all over the world. Ever wonder how Santa manages to do all that and still find time for himself and Mrs. Claus? Continue reading to find out, you might also discover an early Christmas present from Santa himself... 

busy santa with the elves

Why does Santa like VLE Admin? 

It’s like Outsourcing his Elves.  

In the past, Santa could rely on his elves to help him with his workload. But with a shortage of labour in many industries, Santa Claus may not reach his toy production targets.  

 With quality elves in short supply, Santa has to find new ways to get things done! That’s why Santa is now outsourcing his elves Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Admin. This way he can focus on the most important tasks – like making toys and delivering them all over the world in one night.  

At Overt Software we consider ourselves and an extension of our customers – in this case elves.   

Santa and his elves

North Pole Training 

Making and delivering presents to all the good children in the world is not a one man job.  

The Elves are Santa’s personal assistants and they help him with all sorts of tasks during the year. They are the ones who wrap the presents, design them, and keep an eye on any new trends in toy-making. The Reindeer are also a big part of Santa’s team and they are responsible for delivering all the presents to children around the world. 

The North Pole Training course is the only one of its kind, designed by Santa himself, to ensure that his Reindeer and Elves are always at the top of their game. The course teaches all the skills that a good elf or reindeer should know, from basic flight paths to advanced present wrapping techniques. 

Santa gets Overt’s VLE Admin team to upload the training course onto his VLE for all his festive helpers to easily find and access. 

North pole christmas border

Fussy Reindeer

Santa’s seven reindeer all have very different personalities and needs. That’s why Santa enjoys the flexibility of our pay as you go VLE Admin package to make sure he’s giving them individual training and support. 

This way Santa only pays for what he (and his reindeer) require on an as-needed basis.  

Plus it’s a decent price so he can still treat Rudolf to a carrot at the end of the night. 

Fuzzy reindeer border

Cocoa Vs Reports 

Santa is looking for a break; for the last few hours, he has been delivering presents to all the nice kids in the world, and now he just wants to go home and relax. 

But there's one more thing on Santa's list before he can go. He needs to find out what toys made the children happy this year, and if they're being more naughty or nice. Luckily Santa knows that one of the Overt’s VLE Admin Elves will be able to gather the necessary information and provide him with VLE Reports, course completion tracking, and more without him having to lift a finger.  

With the reports in hand, Santa can put his feet up with peace of mind and enjoy a well deserved cheeky cup of cocoa. 

christmas cookies vs chocolate

Naughty and Nice List Maintenance 

Santa has a tough job, as each year, more and more children are added to the naughty and nice list. He needs to keep track of whether children have been naughty or nice, and it can be quite challenging to do this on his own.  

Fortunately for jolly old Saint Nick, he has the help of Overt Software’s VLE Admin Team. 

The Overt Elves allow Santa to get on with what he does best, being jolly, as they are there to help maintain, organise and categorise the naughty and nice lists, making sure that Santa doesn't have to worry about anything but the Christmas spirit. 

christmas border
Your christmas treat
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Overt's Christmas Raffle

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