September 29

Free Shibboleth Dashboard

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Video Transcript:

00:00 Go from Shibboleth log data to insights in minutes; using our free Shibboleth dashboard and statistic tool you don't need to be a Shibboleth Idp expert to get meaningful reports and data from your Idp.  

00:13 As part of our 10 year anniversary at Overt Software we wanted to give back to the wider community. That's why we are giving away this powerful free dashboard.  

00:21 Here's a quick overview of the dashboard. You can create powerful reports in minutes to answer all of the questions that you may have about your access data. Use multiple filters to create laser-targeted reports.  

00:36 Answer questions in minutes such as;  

  • What are my most popular resources? 
  • What resources' have staff and students accessed the most? 
  • Where do users authenticate from?  
  • What resources am I sending personal identifiable information to? 
  • How many authentications and unique users have I had this month? 

00:52 You can also use the ShibbolethV4 readiness check to check the common factors when upgrading to Shibboleth Version 4. This allows you to quickly and easily see if you are in a position to upgrade to the latest version of shibboleth or not.  

 01:05 The dashboard also helps you to fulfill your GDPR obligations by giving you the tools to ensure that you are aiming to do that quickly and easily. If a user requires an export of information you are currently holding, this is as simple as typing in their name and pressing a button. There is no need to spend hours manually parsing log files anymore. You are also able to see personal identifying information you are sending to resources by using the resource reports function.  

01:30 You can export all of this data into a universal CSV format. 

01:34 You can deploy the dashboard anywhere; you could choose to install this easily onsite using windows or your favourite flavour of Linux. Just use our easy to follow install online guides to get it up and running fast. Or schedule a call with our concierge team. 

01:47 We are releasing the free dashboard on the 24th of August 2020. To get access make sure you sign up by inputting your email address and clicking sign up now. 

Shibboleth Dashboard Update:

Our free Shibboleth Dashboard is still avaliable, click here, to visit our product page for more information. 


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