At Overt Software Solutions (Also known as ‘Overt’ to our friends), exceptional customer service and honest expert advice have always been at the heart of everything we do. As a company, we believe that our customers' success is our success, so when our customers reach their goals, we are dancing and celebrating alongside you!  

Being able to provide our customers with a great product experience is something we are very proud of. As such, Overt is always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ experiences and new ways we can help you to achieve your goals, as a result, Overt is very excited to introduce, our brand new, Customer Success Team (CST). 

Customer Success Team

Get to Know to Our Customer Success Team  

The customer is at the core of our Customer Success Team. To ensure our customers’ satisfaction toward our products, the CST is here to provide information, guidance, and answers. We will always put your experience first when working with us. Whenever you want to get in touch with Overt, our CST will be there for you.  

With a proactive approach, the CST strives to go above and beyond and utilize all the resources they have available to ensure that customers are getting the high-quality assistance they need to achieve their goals. In addition, the CST helps you to make the most of your products by helping you tap into its true value - so don’t hesitate to contact our CST! 

We would like to present our Customer Success Team, who would love to hear out your experiences with Overt! 

The CST is Here for Your Success! 

The fundamentals of how the CST may establish customer success are as follows: 

  • Gain valuable insight into products based on your needs - CST guides customers to products that suit their needs. As we highly value our customers, we want to ensure that each purchase that you make counts. 
  • Ease your process in learning to use our products - CST will assist you to tailor your onboarding requirements and provide you with information relating to your purchase that you may access at any time. 
  • Help you maximize your experience in using our products - The CST is delighted to answer your questions and connect you with our experts to deliver the best experience possible in using our products. 
  • Give your valuable feedback to us! - Help us in better understanding your needs and what we can do to assist you in achieving them. 
Customer Success Team

Get Instantaneous Assistance 

Our Customer Success Team can be reached in many ways! You can get your immediate assistance easily through these options: 

  • Email ( – This option is highly suggested if you have any questions about our products, deals, or value of your purchase. You may also ask us to assist you in setting up a meeting with our technical expert by simply sending us an email. 
  • WhatsApp – For those who are in the ASEAN region, you can contact our CST on our Overt Indonesia

Overt Software Solutions Indonesia Contact Details:

  •  Telephone - You can reach out to our CST via phone on our UK number at +44 (0) 1905 955037. 
  • Microsoft Teams - Additionally, you can also request a Microsoft Teams consultation on our website; where we can have a chat about the best product for your requirements, or simply talk about any questions you may have. Your meeting invitation will arrive through email once you've let us know what you're looking for!   

Need to Talk to Our Technical Experts or Other Department? Contact the Customer Success Team! 

Our Customer Success Team makes it simple to contact technical experts to address your problems. For both VLE and Shibboleth, our CST will direct you to the appropriate contact based on your needs.

Other than technical issues, if you have a question for one of Overt's other departments, our CST can also point you to the relevant department. This is to ensure that the appropriate problem is met with the appropriate solution, provided by the appropriate person in charge.

The CST can also guide you to the Overt's knowledge base and blog articles if you prefer an independent approach.  

Customer Success Team

How Can We Help You? 

Overt’s Customer Success Team is here to achieve #YourSuccess, and their priority will always be to help you and your organisation achieve your goals! 

If you require any assistance, such as, needing a question answered quickly, more information on our products, or more guidance on how to get the most out of your services, simply let us know your struggles and Overt’s CST will champion you towards #YourSuccess. 

Additionally, for customers who would like a little more practical guidance on how to use our support portal please find our tutorial videos by going here or feel free to book a customer onboarding session with a member of our team.  


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