Overt Shibboleth IdP Overview

Overt Shibboleth IdP is based on the Open source software Shibboleth. Shibboleth is a great product which allows you to access many applications easily, and is actively maintained and used throughout the world by thousands of organisations large and small. However, Shibboleth can be tricky to maintain. That is where Overt Software have utilised their expert knowledge of Shibboleth and Single Sign On to provide a completely managed and stress-free Single Sign On environment.

Why use Overt’s Shibboleth IdP?

Customers Love Overt Software

We take the hassle out of setting up a Single Sign On environment and our customers love us for it. IT love the security that using our Single Sign On software brings and the end users love the simplification of access to their web applications.

Straightforward Pricing

Here at Overt Software, we believe in easy, straightforward pricing. There are no hidden fees and our support is unlimited.

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Superb Suport

We believe in customer service, and that is ingrained throughout the entire company. We operate a phone line that is answered by a human being and not a prerecorded computer. We also operate enterprise hardware and the Cloud IdPs are hosted in Tier3/4 Data Centres resulting in bulletproof uptime.

Deploy Anywhere - Cloud or Onsite: 

Host Onsite or Cloud

We offer two versions of the Overt IdP. You can choose to have the IdP hosted in state-of-the-art Data Centres and have the IdP’s Hardware completely managed, or we can install and support the Overt IdP onsite.


Option one - You can choose to have the IdP hosted in a state of the art data centre and have the IdP’s hardware completely managed.

Option two - We can install and support the Overt IdP onsite or on one of the public clouds (such as Azure, AWS, Google etc...).

Whatever solution you go for, you have full access to your configuration and log files so there is no vendor lock-in. 

Load Balancing

If you are protecting multiple applications with one system and that system becomes unavailable, it effectively makes all your protected applications unavailable. It was for this reason that Overt Software developed the load-balanced Overt IdP solution.

Our “Cloud Load balanced IdP’s” are located in our Tier 4 Data centre using our OnApp server platform. OnApp is one of the industry’s leading cloud management platforms, and in tests for speed and reliability OnApp matches larger IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) alternatives such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft’s Azure AD. OnApp is also extremely resilient against errors and cyber attacks, due to its built-in automatic failover, load-balancing, four layers of firewall protection, and self-monitoring to discover and fix issues.

True Seamless Single Sign On

The Overt IdP provides access to web-based resources without needing to login multiple times.

Once a user has logged onto the institutional network they are automatically signed into the Overt IdP. This means that they do not need to login a second time to access a resource that is protected by Shibboleth/ SAML.

At Overt Software, we understand it’s vital to be able to obtain feedback on the systems you’re using. That’s why our simple & intuitive Dashboard comes free with all our Deploy Anywhere range of services. 

Feature Highlights

Single Sign On

  • Signing in once allows you to access all your applications without having to enter usernames or passwords multiple times.

User Database Integration 

  • Utilise your existing Active Directory, LDAP, Radius, MySQL or MSSQL databases so that users can use the same username and password with the benefit of centralising control.

Secure Logins

  • Password requirements match your existing user database, and two-factor authentication can be used for extra security.


  • Take a closer look at your usage and see what applications are being used. Get real insights into your web application usage.

Open Source

  • Shibboleth is 100% Open Source and is actively maintained and developed.

“We’re very excited by the prospect of bringing Single Sign On between Shibboleth and Azure authenticated resources such as Office 365 to the University of Dundee. Our users will benefit from one unified familiar Sign in Experience wherever they go first which is a far better experience. This will simplify access to all kinds of resources in one stroke. Our pilot group think it’s fantastic, we’ve had nothing but great feedback. It’s been a great experience working with Overt in setting this up.”

the university of dundee
Andy Swiffin, Product Engineer Unified Communications & Ian Swift, Product Engineer Identity and Directories