August 31

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    Greetings and welcome to our August 2023 Newsletter. We are delighted to share this edition with you, and sincerely hope it provides valuable information, inspiring ideas, and an enjoyable reading experience.

    This monthly publication aims to keep our esteemed subscribers up-to-date on noteworthy developments and events. It is our privilege to connect with distinguished individuals such as yourself through these newsletters.  In this issue, we'll be sharing a couple of important notices and some very exciting news:

    Overt Levels Up! Happy 13th Birthday

    A decade plus three, Overt Software marks 13 years of achievements! Taking a nostalgic stroll down memory lane, our anniversary blog recounts the company's storied history; from humble beginnings to immense growth, it traces our path of success. Overt software's 13th birthday blog promises an inspiring read!

    Hypervisor Maintenance Completed!

    It is with great pleasure to inform you that the hypervisor maintenance mentioned in previous correspondence has now been successfully completed in its entirety. We have now finalised the requisite hypervisor maintenance work to fully optimise our systems.

    Thank you to all of our customers for allowing us to carry out this work and for letting us arrange the "at risk" windows accordingly. It is only through our customers' gracious cooperation that we may strengthen our infrastructure's reliability, scalability, and optimisation. We shall continue to maintain our infrastructure to the highest standards, in order to consistently deliver optimal performance and dependability.

    It is both a privilege and pleasure to serve distinguished customers such as yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional assistance.

    Overt Stands Behind Heroes!  

    Overt Software Solutions lends a hand to Hero Paws, an amazing organisation that helps to provide service dogs with a happy, healthy, and well-deserved retirement. Don't miss the heartwarming details or the chance to learn more about this noble cause - find out how you can get involved too!

    Hidden Scams: The QR Code Security Scam

    Don't become the next victim! This eye-opening article exposes the sneaky cyberthreats hiding in scannable QR codes, from phishing to malware deployment. Scammers dupe the unwary by exploiting a perceived harmless


    We have highlighted real-world QR code scams case studies so you can scan more guardedly.

    Read on to discover protective tips that boost your human firewall against this alarming threat. Arm yourself with knowledge to avoid the pitfalls of QR codes and stay cyber-secure!

    Do You Think You're A Tech Genius?

    Put your tech knowledge to the test to score perfectly. Do you believe you possess the skills to outwit fellow participants and demonstrate your unparalleled tech expertise?

    Dive into the quiz and reveal the incredible potential of those brilliant tech minds!

    Thank you for reading!


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