May 29

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    Welcome to our May 2023 Newsletter, we are excited to share this edition with you, and we hope it provides you with valuable information, inspiration, and a delightful reading experience:

    Annual Service Review

    Book an Annual Service Review consultation to optimise your service experience with Overt Software. We'll assess past performance, gather your feedback, and develop action plans for improvement. Overt are committed to strengthening our relationship and ensuring your success – book your Annual Service Review consultation now by emailing

    Book an Annual Service Review consultation with Overt Software
    Overt Software Product Enhanced Web Security Bundle

    Boost the security of your service with our comprehensive Web Security Bundle. This bundle adds extra layers of protection, fortifying your LMS, operating system, and web server. Benefit from advanced anti-exploit technology, automated updates, and more to safeguard your online presence. 

    Webinar Recording: Integrating Moodle and Microsoft Teams

    Discover mConnect, the groundbreaking application that seamlessly merges the capabilities of Moodle and Teams. Dive into this captivating webinar recording where Overt Software and Skooler unveil the secrets to crafting a smooth and immersive user experience.
    Overt's event freebie is still available - don't miss out!

    Welcome Felix to Overt Software!

    We are overjoyed to extend a warm welcome to Felix, our newest Office Administrator at Overt Software. Felix brings a passion for learning new skills and fostering a communal and happy working culture. With a commitment to personal and professional growth, we are excited to see how Felix's enthusiasm will contribute to creating a vibrant and collaborative environment within our company. Welcome to the Overt Software family, Felix!

    Meet Overt Software's new Office Administrator - Felix

    We hope you enjoy this newsletter, if you have any questions or would like more information about the topics covered, please contact our Customer Success Team

    Thank you for reading!


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