Gaming is a popular way for people to spend their spare time, but its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Modern games offer much more than traditional video games and give players plenty of options. Considering how helpful playing games can be as a stress reliever, it's no surprise that people enjoy modern gaming so much. 

Moblie games are one example where many people get involved with Google store and Appstore downloading. With its wide choice of games, various payment methods and each games providies excellent bonuses. When you combine eSports, mobile play and online video gaming into the mix, it is clear what the whole gaming sector is enjoying. 

According to a research by Kaspersky, The following graph shows the popularity of mobile game titles used as a cover-up for distributing unwanted applications (malware), by unique users. 

Game Patches Updates to Keep You Informed _Kaspersky Gamer Graf _ fnfographic

Despite the increased security measures on PCs, malicious files and unwanted in mobile applications are still being downloaded by users. In fact, the highest number of attempted downloads occurred in August 2020 when 6341 users tried to download mobile apps that they thought were games, resulting in a total of 42,664 detections. The following graph illustrates the number of users affected by mobile gaming-related cyberthreats from January 2020 – June 2021. 

Game Patches Updates to Keep You Informed _Kaspersky Gamer Graf _ fnfographic_2

What is the purpose of game updates and patches? 

When a game developer releases an update or Patch, it's to fix something broken when the game was released. It can be for anything from a severe bug which breaks the game to minor visual issues which don't affect gameplay. Patches are usually released in response to problems identified during testing, while updates are planned ahead of time and released when they're ready. 


What issues might developers need to address after releasing their game? 

Patches and updates are often used to fix bugs. They can be related to the code that controls the game or makes it work. For example, you might find that cars in a racing game appear to slow down at times or that the game freezes when you are playing it. 

Another common use for patches is fixing security issues in games. As online play becomes increasingly popular and people use their online gaming accounts to log into other websites, it is more important than ever for game developers to issue patches to fix security problems. 

Updates are also an excellent way to add new content to a game without waiting for a new release. Minecraft's regular updates, including new animals and items, are an example. 

Get extra protection! Patch your devices

Update your PC games and apps 

Game Patches Updates to Keep You Informed _pc

How to get updates for games and other apps for Microsoft based OS 

To stay up-to-date on the latest Microsoft Store apps and games, check for updates for your apps and games regularly. Most of the latest patches for your game and apps on your PC will come from the Microsoft Store. It is super easy to check for the latest patch updates. Here’s how to check for it: 

*For Windows 10 

  1. Select “Microsoft Store” on the taskbar 
  2. If you can’t find the “Microsoft store”,  go to the search box and type “Microsoft Store”. The app will show up in the  search list result. 
  3. Select “More” > “Download and Updates” > “Get Updates” 

*For Windows 11 

  1. Select “START” and open the “Microsoft Store” app 
  2. Select “Library” > “Get Updates” 
  3. When your app needs to be updated, it will appear in the list. Select  “Update all” to update all the apps that need updating or individually select the app you would like to update/configure. 

How to get updates for games and other apps for MAC OS 

You can get the latest patch update for your MAC OS from the MAC app store. The App Store keeps track of updates for apps you've purchased/downloaded with your Apple ID. Each time an update is available, you receive a notification. You also see a badge on the App Store icon in the Dock, and the Updates number next to Updates in the sidebar shows the number of updates available. 

Here are 3 ways to get the latest patch update for your MAC OS computer/laptop; 

  • Via the Apple Menu 

    1. To check for updates on your Mac, select the Apple menu, then click App Store. The number of updates appears to the right of the App Store in the menu. 
    2. Choose and open "App Store." 
    3. In the sidebar, Click the "Update" button. 
  • Via the MAC App Store  

    Via the "Updates" pane: In the sidebar, press the "Update" button. Besides each App that you would like to update, press "update" beside each App or "update all" to update all of the apps that need to be updated. 
  • Via a notification 

    When an update is available, you will receive a notification. Press "Install" to immediately download and install the latest update for your App, or press "Close" to ignore the update.   


Update your mobile devices 

Game Patches Updates to Keep You Informed _mbile

How to get updates for Android devices 

It's wise to keep your Android apps updated with the latest enhanced security updates with bug fixes. Plus, you don't want to be missing out on newly added features. 

You'll have to update your apps manually if you don't enable automatic app updates. Don't worry! We are going to show you in detail how to update individual apps and allow automatic updates. 

How to update individual apps 

  1. On your Android device, tap the Google Play Store app icon (represented by an icon of a shopping bag with the letter 'G' on it) in the top-right corner of the screen. 
  2. Tap "Manage apps & devices", and tap "Updates available". 
  3. You can update your apps from here. Select "Update" next to each app you want to update. 
  4. You can also update all to make things easy and straightforward. To update all your apps at once, tap "Update all" at the top of the screen. 

How to enable automatic updates 

  1. On your Android device, tap the Google Play Store app icon (represented by an icon of a shopping bag with the letter 'G' on it) in the top-right corner of the screen. 
  2. Tap "Settings" > "Network preferences" > "Auto-update apps". 
  3. In this menu, you can choose which option works best for you. If you want to download updates only when connected to Wi-Fi but not on a mobile network, select "Over Wi-Fi Only". There's also the "Over any network" option, which means downloads occur over Wi-Fi and mobile data. This is best if you have an unlimited data plan. Otherwise, app updates could use up a large chunk of your data. 
  4. You can prevent apps from updating automatically by selecting "Don't auto-update apps". 


How to get updates for iOS devices 

No matter what device you own, whether an Android or an iPhone, you should keep your applications updated to the latest software patch release to get the most significant features and bug fixes as soon as they land. 

Previously we have explained how to update and enable/disable automatic updates for your android apps. We will show you how to update your iOS (Apple) app. There are 2 ways you can do to patch your iOS app;  

How to manually update iOS Apps on iPhone/iPad. 

For the latest iOS 13,14,15, and 16 

  1. From the iPhone or iPad app library or home screen, tap and HOLD the App Store icon. 
  2.  Tap "Updates"> "Update all" or "Update" next to each app you would like to update.  

For iOS 12 and earlier 

  1. Open App Store 
  2. Tap "Updates" > "Update all" or "Update" next to each app you would like to update.  

How to automatically update apps on your iPhone/iPad 

  1. Open "Settings"  
  2. Scroll down and tap "App store."  
  3. Below "Automatic downloads", toggle on "app Updates." 

Update your PlayStation gaming console 

Game Patches Updates to Keep You Informed _playstation
Keep your PS5 and PS4 systems updated by regularly updating your system software. You'll get enhanced security, improved usability, and more new features. In order to make sure your PS console system has the latest system software, go to; 
  • "Settings" > "System Software Update"

When an updated file is available, your system will notify you. You can continue using your plan while downloading. When the download is complete, a pop-up notification appears in the upper left corner of the screen. 

Remember, don't turn off your PS™ console while the installation is in progress. Doing so may damage your system. 

Update your Xbox Series XS and Xbox One console and controller 

Game Patches Updates to Keep You Informed _xbox

It is essential for your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S console and controllers are updated to the latest firmware. This way, you will ensure that your controller's performance is at its best, and it will also solve any issues you may be experiencing with it. 

Based on Xbox support, here is how to update your console/controller automatically/manually;  

By automatic update 

By default, your console checks for updates automatically. When it finds one, it notifies you and installs the update when the console isn't being used. This reduces the impact of updates on your Xbox experience and prevents them from blocking you from connecting to Xbox Live unless they become mandatory.

To make sure your console is set to update automatically:

  • Press the Xbox logo button to open the guide.
  • Select Profile & system > Settings System Updates.
  • Under Updates, select Keep my console up to date to update your console automatically and Keep my games & apps up to date to update games and apps automatically

By manual update

Make sure that your console is connected to the internet, and then press the Xbox logo button to open the guide.

  • Select Profile & systemSettings > System > Updates.
  • Under Updates, you’ll see:
  • Console update available. Select this to begin your update, or
  • No console update available. This means your console is up to date

The key takeaways   

Most games don't require you to install the update patch unless they have online features, and even then, it is often possible to play an online game but "offline" without the patch. 

Game developers value updates and patches to their games. Both patches and updates are valuable to developers. Patches enable them to make changes to games after release, while updates offer them the chance to rectify problems that may have slipped through testing. Both can help ensure that players can enjoy their games in the future.  

So to ensure you have the full max gaming enjoyment, make sure you get the latest software patches this Tuesday.


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