Big Blue Button Hosting & Support

Expert BigBlueButton installation, hosting and technical support. Expand your eLearning platform with online classroom web conferencing.

  • Webcam video
  • Microphone audio 
  • Present Powerpoint slides
  • Multi user whiteboard
  • Screen sharing
  • Polling
  • Breakout rooms
  • Public and private chat

BigBlueButton Features

BigBlueButton allows you to conduct remote, collaborative learning in a face to face manner. 

Deliver online learning with the powerful BigBlueButton video conferencing suite. Tutors can share Powerpoint presentations / whiteboard to their students whilst conducting lessons via the webcam video and audio and a whole suite of other tools.

Share your computer screen with your students, especially handy for delivering "how to" based content such as "How do I submit the assignment to the LMS"

Live chat allows your users to interact with one another and ask questions during a session.

BigBlueButton allows you to conduct polls throughout a classroom, especially useful to deliver quick polls to your users to gauge their understanding of a given topic.

Breakout rooms allow you to easily split your users into smaller groups to discuss a classroom topic. Simply select the number of breakout rooms you'd like to create, set a time limit for the rooms,  then assign cohorts of users to particular breakout rooms. Users will automatically be joined into their breakout rooms and at the end of the timer will be returned to the main classroom. 

BigBlueButton Integrations

BigBlueButton integrates seamlessly with a variety of industry standard applications. 

The Moodle integration is extremely popular and allows you to schedule online classrooms within your Moodle LMS environment. Users who join the classrooms will then be forwarded over to the BigBlueButton server where the classroom takes place. 

If a tutor opts to record a given session, the recording of the event will be loaded into Moodle after the fact so students can come back and rewatch the class at any given time.

Other popular integrations include Wordpress, Drupal, Canvas, Greenlight and many more which can be seen at

Record your sessions

BigBlueButton allows tutors to record their online classrooms for later play back. 

When Moodle/Greenlight/other integration are configured to record sessions, tutors will be given the option to record the activity within their online classrooms.

This is especially useful to allow students who were unable to attend a session the ability to go back and watch the session at their own leisure.

Recordings are playable within the users web browser and include all meeting content such as the Powerpoint slides, web cam feeds and microphone audio, public chat and polling.

When the classroom session ends, BigBlueButton will process the recorded session and make it available within your integrated plugin. For example if you use the Moodle integration, a short while after the class finishes the recording will be available to view within the Moodle course.

Scaling & Load balancing

Do you have a requirement to deliver online web conferencing to larger numbers of users? 

Are you looking for a solution to enable hundreds of concurrent users to access online classrooms?

Utilising the popular Scalelite BigBlueButton load balancer, we can provide a highly available, scalable BigBlueButton infrastructure to ensure BigBlueButton is always there on demand for your users.

Scalelite acts as a load balancer between the user and the BigBlueButton servers allowing you to create a pool of BigBlueButtton nodes and evenly spread the load between them. This ensures you don't end up in a situation where hundreds of users all try to access BigBlueButton at the same time, thus overwhelming the capabilities of a single BigBlueButton node.

Like with BigBlueButton, Scalelite also has deep integration with Moodle, Wordpress, Canvas, Greenlight and many other plugins.

With Scalelite in place, increasing the capacity of your BigBlueButton infrastructure is a simple case of adding more BigBlueButton nodes to the cluster, allowing your BigBlueButton capacity to infinitely scale.

We would recommend Scalelite load balancing to any larger institution/University who envisage usage of greater than 300 concurrent users.