MIS Integration

Utilising the open source software Moodle we can provide a secure, fast and stable virtual learning environment 

  • MIS Integration Support
  • Automated Course Enrolments
  • Automated Course Creation
  • Automated Group Enrolment & Creation
  • Run multiple times a day

The Integration

Many organisations go through the same strenuous process every year of manually enrolling thousands of students to individual courses. Why stress about this every year when there is a much easier way!?

Overt Software Solutions is here to help you save countless hours in your everyday Moodle management and weeks in your annual rollover!

It doesn't stop there however, we also have the ability to introduce an extra step to the process of automated course creation. This will create the blank course templates ready for your teachers to populate, thus freeing up even more time.

You can rest assured that with our custom scripts in place, your academic rollover blues will be a thing of the past!

This excellent time saver allows your VLE to mirror the courses and enrolments you have in your MIS system.

Automated Course Enrolment

Overt Software has equipped multiple institutions with the ability to automatically assign students to their courses pulling data directly from your MIS server into the Moodle database!  No more spending countless hours assigning each individual to their courses and more time better spent focusing on your learners themselves!

Automated Course Creation

With some adjustments to the custom scripts, you can now create all of your blank courses automatically without any manual intervention. Used in conjunction with the course template mechanism in Moodle, this can be a very useful time saver!

Automated Grouping In Courses

A recent progression in our custom scripts has allowed us to integrate group creation within our advanced setup. This means that EVEN MORE time is saved on your everyday admin tasks, Leaving you more time to focus on your learners.