EZPZ SP - SAML SSO Authentication for Wordpress 

Use EZPZ SP to unlock the power of Federated Access Management for your wordpress site

Don't forget to look at our quick  EZPZ SP set-up video guide here.

  • Enable SAML & IP Access in minutes
  • Full statistics and reporting engine
  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • Granular Access


Our support has been designed with you in mind. We provide you with direct access to dedicated support staff who have many years of experience.


Fantastic unlimited UK 9-5 Mon/Fri support calls via telephone and our online portal (available 24/7) ensure our support services are second to none.

Support is avaliable on our premium version of EZPZ SP

Enable SAML & IP Access in minutes

We know that you have fantastic content that you would like to protect with SAML (Shibboleth, OpenAthens, Ping Identity etc...) as well as IP Access. EZPZ-SP can be setup in under 5 minutes and you can allow access to your pages via these methods effortlessly.

Statistics & Reporting Engine

EZPZ-SP comes with a powerful statistical reporting engine, you will be able to see who is accessing your content and where from. You will discover who your power organisation users are. Not only that, but you can easily run custom reports such as:

  • Find out your most popular articles
  • Apply multiple filters to get the picture from any angle
  • Find your power organisations
  • Find out what content is working and what needs improving
  • All reports are available over custom date ranges

Fully GDPR Compliant

We all know that GDPR is the hot topic at the moment. That is why EZPZ-SP comes with GDPR compliancy built in. You will be able to provide users with their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in seconds as well as remove their data easily on request. As you are using organisational based authentication you know that the users are coming from the correct institution, this means that the users themselves can be anonymous meaning you have very little PII stored.

Granular Access

EZPZ-SP comes with a user friendly granular access control panel. What this means for you is that you will be able to make sure that organisations are only accessing the content that you allow them to. You are able to easily select what pages are protected by EZPZ-SP at a click of a button.

Who is EZPZ-SP for?

EZPZ-SP Is useful in so many situations however here are a few:

  • You have a Publisher or Article site that you already provide content for institutions but cannot currently provide SAML Federated Access.
  • You have an IdP and a Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla site and you want to protect it so that only your IdP users can access it.
  • You want to share your site with other organisations securely without having to worry about managing user accounts and usernames and passwords