SAAM – Shibboleth ADFS/Azure AD Authentication Module

Stop multiple logins and different login pages and combine the power of Shibboleth & ADFS / Azure AD

  • One login for Shibboleth & Azure AD / ADFS
  • Unified login page - All logins for either Shibboleth resources or Azure AD / ADFS use the Azure AD or ADFS login page
  • Seamless activation - no need to change any login urls or links


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Why use the Shibboleth ADFS / Azure AD Authentication Module?

With more and more Shibboleth organisations starting to use Microsoft’s “Active Directory Federation Services” & Azure AD, there becomes a need to seamlessly log on to both Shibboleth and ADFS / Azure resources.  ADFS / Azure resources such as SharePoint, Office 365 and Exchange (to name a few), need to work alongside the more traditional Shibboleth resources such as Learning Management Systems (such as BlackBoard/Moodle), Library systems (Heritage) and many other online e-resources.

Avoid multiple logins

Using these systems, users find that they need to log on to ADFS and Shibboleth separately, causing multiple logins and thus preventing a true Single Sign On (SSO) environment. This is against Overt’s ethos of True Single Sign On.  

Utilising Overt’s Shibboleth ADFS/Azure AD Authentication Modules (SAAM) overcomes the need for separate Shibboleth and ADFS / Azure AD logins.  

SAAM simultaneously logs the user into both ADFS / Azure AD & Shibboleth. This means that when a user accesses an ADFS / Azure AD or Shibboleth resource, they can seamlessly move between both platforms without the arduous task of logging in multiple times.

SAAM Diagram - Shibboleth & Azure AD - ADFS

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