Inside EDUtech Asia 2023 

The EDUtech Asia 2023 event in Singapore was a significant gathering of education leaders and technology innovators, focusing on the digital future of education. The event occurred at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore, hosting a global three-day conference with more than 350 inspiring speakers. They cover ed pressing topics, including digital strategy, digital learning, sustainability, cyber-security, and the digital divide. The event also hosted a multi-brand exhibition with over 200 leading education technology players showcasing cutting-edge EdTech solutions and featuring innovative start-ups across the region. 

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in practical exercises, activities, and hands-on experiences, as well as to showcase their solutions and start conversations with decision-makers and influencers in the education sector. With many school and university leaders and professionals visiting the event, EDUtech Asia provided the following:  

  • A platform for introducing solutions.  
  • Uncovering new opportunities.
  • Growing presence within the EdTech community.  

Overall, the event aimed to unite education leaders for a digital future, providing a platform for exploring the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the future of education in the Asia-Pacific region. The event’s focus on digital learning, sustainability, and cyber-security reflects the growing importance of technology in education and the need for innovative solutions to address the evolving landscape of learning and teaching. 

What Were the Topics Covered at EDUtech 2023 Singapore?  

The EDUtech Asia 2023 conference in Singapore addressed numerous pressing topics related to education and technology. The event showcased more than 350 inspiring speakers across seven stages, covering key areas such as K-12 education, higher education, classroom technology, digital curriculum, digital leadership, digital strategy, generative AI, teacher training, pedagogy for digital learning, sustainability, cyber-security, and the digital divide.   

Additionally, the conference provided a platform for educators and education leaders to explore and experience the latest EdTech solutions available and how they can be successfully implemented in educational institutions.  

Furthermore, the event showcased solutions provided by 200 leading education technology players and 60 cutting-edge EdTech start-ups, offering attendees the opportunity to engage with innovative technologies and solutions in the free-to-attend exhibition. The conference also included Show & Tell presentations by educators and other technology providers, giving an engaging experience for all participants.  

What Were the Most Popular Sessions at EDUtech Asia 2023?  

The EDUtech Asia 2023 event featured numerous outstanding Show & Tell presentations, making it difficult to determine the best among them, as each presentation was exceptional. However, some of the most notable highlights at the event included the introduction of Adobe Firefly. Nelson John, a representative from Adobe, presented this new family of creative generative AI models.  

The introduction of the Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model was unveiled with the goal of defining fresh industry standards in output quality and user control. These models enable transformative creative workflows across Adobe apps and have been widely adopted, with users generating over 3 billion images with Firefly’s initial model since its beta launch in March.  

The Firefly web app, available at, provides new ways to ideate, create, and communicate while significantly improving creative workflows using generative AI. The features of generative AI in Adobe Express are accessible to all K-12 educators and students, with IT administrators having the authority to regulate and control feature access for all users associated with a product profile.   

Another significant session was the presentation by Takeshi Matsuzaki, the CEO of e-Learning Corporation and founder of E-LEARNING LMS PET, who provided valuable insights into the benefits of Moodle LMS, its ecosystem, and the strengths of the Partner Programme.  

The object of the presentation was to explore Moodle’s features and shed light  it’s role in shaping the future of educational technology in the Asia-Pacific region. This  segment formed an integral part of Moodle’s participation at EDUtech Asia,  contributing expertise and insights to support the event’s overarching goal of connecting with industry leaders and sharing valuable knowledge regarding Moodle’s capabilities in the education technology landscape. 

Additionally, Zoala presented its AI companion designed to transform mental wellness interventions for adolescents at EDUtech Asia 2023. The company conducted workshops at the event to promote mental health empowerment, enhance engagement with students, and elevate mental literacy knowledge for educators and professionals.  

Zoala is an AI-powered mobile application developed to engage with adolescents and support them in their mental health journey. The app aims to help adolescents enhance their mental resilience and literacy by providing evidence-based interventions to improve their mental well-being.   

Rahul delivered an outstanding presentation about the Zoala app at EDUtech Asia 2023. After the showcase session, each audience member received a Durian, and Rahul remarked, “Humans are like durian, hard on the outside, but soft on the inside.”  

Overt Software Solutions Key Takeaways on EDUtech Asia 2023   

After attending EDUtech Asia 2023, Overt Software Solutions gained valuable insights into the significant deployment of EdTech solutions in schools and educational institutions, reflecting the growing adoption of technology in education. 

“Overt Software could feel the passion for learning and technology radiating around the conference from speakers and attendees alike” 

-Graham. M, CEO, Overt Software Solutions 

The event provided educators and education leaders a platform to explore and experience the latest EdTech solutions and their successful implementation. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in dialogue, collaboration, and the exploration of groundbreaking educational solutions, gaining insights into the transformative power of EdTech. The event showcased the latest pedagogies and offered a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in education and technology.  

Additionally, the event emphasised the acceleration of digitalisation and the ongoing transformation of education, shaping the future of education in the Asia-Pacific region. The event’s agenda covered pressing topics such as digital strategy, generative AI, teacher training, pedagogy for digital learning, sustainability, cyber-security, and the digital divide, providing valuable insights for education leaders and EdTech enthusiasts.  

Watch the video where Overt Software Solution’s CEO, Mr Graham Mason, and Eric Byron share their perspectives about the Edutech Asia 2023 Event. 


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