July 27

How can Overt’s 247 Support help you?

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Video Transcript:

How can 24/7 Support help your organisation’s IT Team?

This is Greg. Greg is an IT manager.

He has had a long day and is just about to go home for the weekend. His phone suddenly rings.

A teacher has called. She is trying to upload a course, but the VLE is down!

Greg offers his help, as he remembered that his organization has Overt's 24/7 support.

Greg goes to his computer and contacts Overt Support team. He knows that Overt Support 24/7 will always have his back.

Greg happily finishes packing up, that he knows well that the matter is now in reliable hands.
Remember, Overt Software is always here for you!

Email Overt’s success team for further details on our flexible packages, and how we can help support your organisation 24/7 365 days a year.


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