December 18

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    Integrating Moodle with Teams

    Overt Software is excited to share the mConnect Application by Skooler ! A Moodle solution that unites the user friendly and collaborative Teams interface, with your organisation’s Moodle resources. This application is particularly effective for learning institutions where Moodle and Teams are both integral parts of their virtual learning strategy. The combination of mConnect and Microsoft Office 365 provide an inclusive solution for educational institutions, that is adaptable to a variety of tasks, whilst also being easy to use and maintain by both administrators and end-users.

    About Skooler

    Skooler was founded in Norway during 2015 by Tor Ove Henriksen, with the goal of making school life easier for students, parents, teachers, and school leaders! Skooler’s vision for the education sector began by improving on educational technology already in use; modernising, simplifying and integrating collaborative technology in a way that has never been done before. This resulted in the creation of their Moodle solution, mConnect. Over the years, Skooler has extended their reach internationally; their HQ, still based in Norway, is now accompanied by offices in the USA, UK, and Sweden. Skooler has also partnered and gained the recognition of worldwide leading companies, such as Acer and Microsoft as a Gold partner in education.

    Watch our short demonstration, on the key features within the mConnect solution!

    Moodle Solution Overview

    • Single Sign-On (SSO): Log in to Teams for automatic access to Moodle with single sign on (SSO). As a result, there will be no need for multiple logins or remembering numerous usernames and passwords. (SSO is also covered by Overt Software's Shibboleth Support Services) For more information on SSO visit Overt's earlier article call 'What is SSO?'  
    • Online Classrooms: Moodle/ Team administrators can create multiple Team chats for each different class or course and set student authorisations for each Team; creating collaborative spaces for your class or any type of collaborative group. 
    • One workspace: Access Moodle courses, topics, assignments, and calendars all from within Teams channels. Consequently, mConnect significantly reduces your browser time. 
    • Collaboration: Improve communication, productivity, and teamwork by integrating tools, such as chat, documents, shared files, and online meetings in a single user interface.
    • Be in control: Save time and headaches with the management portal, which lets approved admins create course teams in bulk, set permissions for each team, and give greater flexibility to lecturers as needed. 
    • Individuality: Keep your organisation's Moodle theme when accessing Moodle resources through Microsoft Team's user interface.


    Installation for the mConnect Moodle solution is free, with any of Overt Software's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) support contracts!

    Alternatively, please feel free to contact us via our online form or email us,, for more information on this innovative Moodle solution.

    Before installing this application, please ensure your organisation has the appropriate software requirements; visit the links below to familiarise yourself with the relevant prerequisites:  


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