August 26

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    We would like to share with you our monthly newsletter, as well as some top information and events for August 2022. You can find them in the information below, and here are our top four topics for this month:

    Introducing Kortext - our new partner!

    Overt Software are proud to announce that we are partnering with Kortext.

    Kortext’s advanced digital library platform enables learners to seamlessly access eBooks from within your VLE of choice.

    Introducing Overt Software Solutions new partner KORTEXT

    Overt's Indonesian initiative: free eBooks

    Overt Software Solutions Indonesian Initiative access to 1000s of free ebooks on your vle lms moodle

    Overt and Kortext believe in providing reading for everyone, wherever they are in the world. We believe that students in Indonesia are entitled to the same level of reading opportunities that students in other countries have. The Indonesia Ebook initiative stemmed from this belief.

    Goodbye summer; it's back to school/work we go!

    The UK summer break is sadly drawing to an end!

    Before you go back to school or work, click here to read our 10-minute guide on how to stay digitally safe while you travel.

    Digital Safety While Travelling for the daily commuter or traveler

    Celebrating Overt's 12th birthday! 

    Graham Mason | Chief Executive Officer | Overt Software Solutions

    "With over 25 years of experience in a variety of Management, development, and operational roles in the UK educational sector, I truly believe that it’s Overt’s strong foundations in education that have facilitated our understanding of how the education industry uses the types of services we provide. These core experiences have allowed us to offer a variety of specialised solutions to suit different organisations' requirements, and have shaped Overt Software’s operations regarding its ethos of exceptional service and honest expert advice."

    Click here to read about our achievements!

    Overt Software 12th Birthday

    We hope you enjoy this newsletter, if you have any questions or would like more information about the topics covered, please contact our Customer Success Team

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