Skooler - Moodle & Teams

Skooler's mConnect is the most polished integration on the market for collaboration between Moodle and Microsoft Teams.

Don't forget to look at our blog post about mConnect and Skooler here.

  • Moodle from within Teams
  • Configurable webhooks to customise your news feed
  • Premium contract available for additional features
  • Automatic teams creation
  • Link existing teams to Moodle courses
  • Link Azure AD accounts to Moodle users
  • Configurable Teams template

Moodle from within Microsoft Teams

Overt Software’s products and services are based upon the Open-Source software Moodle. Moodle is a great product which provides Virtual learning Environment (VLE) andSingle Sign On (SSO) access to many online courses easily. Though in these rough times, Moodle has been being dropped for Microsoft teams. Here at Overt, we thought "Why choose?"! 

After vigorous amounts of research, we stumbled across a amazingly inclusive integration from the works of Skooler called "mConnect", which allowed Moodle to be accessed from within the Teams interface. This allowed for the collaboration aspects of teams and all the great features of Moodle to be combined into a powerful tool for E-learning!

If you're interested in a Demo, please do book a call above!

Configurable webhooks to customise the news feed

mConnect allows for your institution to configure its own web hooks, meaning you can customise your notifications sent through to the users Moodle news feed tab in mConnect or within the team itself!  

This makes the news feed entirely configurable to your needs, if you wish to add or remove web hooks this can also be done from within Moodle. Keeping users informed has never been easier!

Premium contract available for additional features

Although the tool itself is great out of the box, there are some drawbacks to using it for free such as delays with syncing into teams and the creation of those teams. By taking out the premium contract, you can make these delays a thing of the past with real-time syncing. You can see the further benefits below directly from their website: 

• 24/5 support with guaranteed response time of 2 hours (5 days for free version)
• Access to all future paid releases of the app at no extra cost
• Community membership with the possibility to give your input to new features
• Customization of the app and integration to external software
• Notification in case of unplanned downtime
• Guaranteed uptime with refund penalties (no refund rights for free version)
• Dynamic synchronization of members from Moodle to the course’s team (instead of weekly for the free app)
• Students removed from a course in Moodle also dynamically removed in Teams (must be removed manually in free version)
• Document the required permissions and the reasons for it for Moodle
• Document the required permissions and the reasons for it for Office365
• Customized granulated permissions possible in Azure

Automatic teams creation and link existing teams.

mConnect isn't only an application on Microsoft teams, it also has it's own dashboard on the web! Inside this dashboard, you are able to create all of your teams from courses within Moodle. That's not all! You can also link teams that have already been created to courses within your Moodle if you have already been using teams for this purpose. 

With further developments in the pipeline, we forsee these features being something of a necessity to fully utilise the benefits of your E-learning.