We were honored that World Triathlon entrusted us to jointly craft a customized virtual learning environment to meet their aspirations for a streamlined and effective VLE solution. This collaboration represented a true partnership, with our teams working closely to combine World Triathlon's vision with our expertise. The result is a victory we want to share as a customer success story demonstrating what's possible when an organisation's needs are matched with the right capabilities. 



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Solutions at a glance

Confronted with the departure of their LMS technical specialist, World Triathlon encountered an immediate and pressing issue – the urgent need for a replacement to oversee their self-hosted Moodle platform. The challenge lay in the difficulty of swiftly finding a suitable successor. Their primary objective was to redirect their learning faculty's focus towards course development, alleviating them from the burden of technical maintenance, all the while guaranteeing the LMS's uninterrupted operation amid potential staffing fluctuations. 

World Triathlon's focus on advancing their digital learning initiatives highlights the need for improved oversight of coach training, particularly in their 2-year Level 2 coaching certification program. The intricacies of tracking each candidate's progress demand a more streamlined system. The primary objective is to create centralised and well-organised trainee records, offering clear visibility into the advancement of candidates throughout the extensive certification journey. 

World Triathlon aims to improve their coach development programme in Moodle LMS by establishing comprehensive profiles for each coach. This will make it easier to pinpoint their strengths and areas requiring enhancement and enable the creation of individualised development plans. Unfortunately, the current built-in Moodle tools and third-party plugins lack the required features. As a result, World Triathlon is in search of a customised plugin solution tailored to meet their precise profiling needs. 

To address this predicament, their aim was to establish a dependable contingency plan.  

In light of these challenges, World Triathlon was in search of a proficient Moodle provider with the capability to offer a managed hosting solution, specialised LMS support, and the expertise required to maintain the LMS effectively. Their ideal partner would empower them to prioritise course development while safeguarding the LMS's stability and ongoing functionality, irrespective of future staffing uncertainties. 

World Triathlon aim to implement a centralised and organised system for documenting and tracking these multifaceted training journeys. This solution seeks to provide a transparent view of candidates' progress, including identifying training gaps, reinforcement needs, and completion milestones within the extensive coach education curriculum. Thus an enhanced in progress monitoring capabilities will be very helpful.

The absence of suitable tools, both in the built-in Moodle features and third-party plugins, hindered their efforts. This inability to access actionable insights meant that World Triathlon struggled to optimise their coaching programme effectively. Their solution sought a customised plugin, tailored precisely to their unique profiling needs. This approach is expected to provide the required capabilities for in-depth coach profiling, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of their coach development programme.

The Challange

World Triathlon faced a multifaceted set of challenges within their educational framework, including the need for a robust coach development programme and the urgent requirement for technical expertise following the departure of their LMS technical specialist. 

This created an immediate issue of finding a suitable replacement swiftly while still maintaining the uninterrupted operation of their self-hosted Moodle platform. 

Their primary objectives were twofold: to refocus their learning faculty on course development and ensure the uninterrupted operation of the LMS, even in the face of potential staffing fluctuations.  

They aimed to establish a dependable contingency plan by seeking a proficient Moodle provider capable of offering a managed hosting solution, specialised LMS support, and effective maintenance expertise. Their ideal partner would empower them to prioritise course development while ensuring the ongoing stability and functionality of the LMS. 

World Triathlon also aimed to enhance their coach development programme by creating comprehensive profiles for each coach, allowing the identification of strengths and areas needing improvement, and the creation of individualised development plans. They required a customised plugin solution to meet their specific profiling needs, as existing tools fell short. 

The Solution

In response to their challenges, World Triathlon sought effective solutions to enhance their coaching development programme and address technical support concerns. These solutions encompass: 

  • Customised Plugin for Coaching Development: World Triathlon required a tailored solution to create a coaching development programme within Moodle that allows coaches to monitor their progress seamlessly. A customised plugin was recommended to provide an organised overview of coach advancement, pinpoint training gaps, and track completion milestones throughout the coach education curriculum.
  • Technical Support Accessibility: To tackle the issue of technical expertise, World Triathlon needed to ensure hassle-free technical support, including out-of-hours assistance. This solution aimed to have experienced professionals promptly resolve issues, enabling employees, trainers, and students to focus on their roles without interruptions. 
  • 24/7 Technical Support: World Triathlon aimed to secure round-the-clock support, ensuring timely issue resolution as per established Technical Support Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This solution was essential for maintaining smooth performance and effective communication.

By implementing these recommended solutions, World Triathlon could optimise their educational initiatives, streamline their coaching development programme, and ensure uninterrupted operation within their learning environment. 

The Benefits

In collaboration with Overt, World Triathlon successfully developed and implemented a coaching development programme that empowers coaches to effectively track their progress from trainee Level 1 to qualified Level 2. 

This achievement was made possible through the creation of a customised plugin that provides a clear overview of coach advancement, including the identification of training gaps, reinforcement requirements, and the accomplishment of key milestones within the extensive coach education curriculum. 

In addressing the challenge of technical expertise, World Triathlon secured seamless technical support, even during non-standard working hours, and had their issues promptly resolved by experienced professionals. This approach allowed employees, trainers, and students to concentrate on their respective roles without the distractions of troubleshooting. 

World Triathlon also benefited from round-the-clock support, ensuring the timely resolution of technical support issues within the established Technical Support Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This collaborative effort facilitated smooth performance and effective communication with Overt. 

The collective result was an optimised coach development programme, reliable technical support, and tailored solutions that significantly enhanced the efficiency of World Triathlon's educational initiatives, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of their learning environment. 

"Having worked with many different host companies over the years, Overt is providing a level of service that is much higher than many of the others."

Dave Foord

World Triathlon, Consultant  

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