The Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) is a leading higher education institute focused on healthcare and biotechnology sectors. As a forward-thinking institution serving over 600 students, i3L relied on the Moodle platform to power online components of its curricula. However, with limited internal resources to advance Moodle's capabilities on their own, i3L collaborated with Overt Software Solutions. 

Established 2014


 Undergraduate and Postgraduate students



Researchers, Academic, and Support Staff members 


Faculty members 


Bachelor's degree programs (i.e. six in School of Life Sciences and four in School of Business)

By customising and managing an enhanced central learning hub leveraging Overt's expertise, i3L unlocked new levels of student and faculty engagement while liberating its IT team to pursue additional strategic initiatives. This transformative partnership illustrates how investing in a tailored Moodle environment can amplify adoption and outcomes by elevating the end user experience. 

Solutions at a glance

i3L aimed to enhance the online learning platform for faculty by upgrading Moodle to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly for both students and staff. Key areas of focus included improving navigation, mobile responsiveness, aesthetics, and workflows.

To relieve the IT team of their workload, i3L is looking to collaborate with an external managed service partner to handle their Moodle environment. The goal is to free up resources within the IT team, allowing them to concentrate on other crucial technology and transformation initiatives.

Boost usage and engagement of the Moodle platform among students, faculty, and staff to increase adoption across the campus. Therefore, i3L is looking for a solution to improve the learning experience and make the platform more user-friendly.

The Moodle theming enhanced the platform interface visually, offering a significantly improved appearance with user-friendly navigation, stylish branding elements, and tailored refinements for various user roles.

With a custom improvement to the Moodle design, i3L upgraded the look and feel, making it visually easy to use with a smooth design and specific improvements for different users. This not only makes it more convenient but also makes students and staff happier.

Efficient processes and minor adjustments to course administration on the platform saved time for I3L staff and teaching assistants overseeing classes.

The Challange

The Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) is a leading higher education institute focused on the life sciences, healthcare, and biotechnology sectors. With over 600 students enrolled across various programmes, i3L was relying on the open source Moodle platform to provide online learning capabilities. 

The challenges I3L university is facing is as follows:

  • Lacked in-house Moodle developers 
  • Needed an affordable solution   
  • Wanted to provide better learning platform 
  • Had over 600+ students to support 
  • Required custom theming and enhancements 

However, with a small IT team and lack of Moodle developers on staff, i3L was facing challenges when it came to customising, theming and enhancing their Moodle platform. They wanted to provide a more engaging and user-friendly learning interface for students and lecturers, but lacked the internal resources to do so.  

After evaluating a few options, i3L decided to partner with Overt Software - a UK-based company specialising in Moodle services and support. Overt offered an affordable solution for the Moodle theming and customisation work i3L required.   

The Solution

  • Provided complete managed service model   
  • Delivered custom Moodle theming enhancements 
  • Made platform more visually appealing  
  • Improved usability and navigation 
  • Enhanced overall student experience 

Overt took a comprehensive managed service approach to helping i3L upgrade their Moodle platform. The front-end theming improvements made the platform much more visually intuitive and appealing. Overt Software took responsibility for enhancing i3L's Moodle platform. This allowed i3L to save IT resources and focus on other priorities. Upgraded the look and feel of Moodle to make it easier to use. This included improving navigation and tailoring workflows for both students and staff.  

Additional upgrades aimed to boost student engagement. These included adding dashboards to track progress and integrating multimedia tools. Mobile support enabled on-the-go learning access as well. 

Overall, this delivered two key benefits for i3L university - an improved online learning experience for students and faculty along with optimised IT operations. In the end, their comprehensive managed service approach provided end-to-end stewardship of the Moodle LMS environment. 

The Benefits

Since launching the new custom Moodle platform, i3L has seen fantastic adoption across students and faculty. The aesthetic and user experience upgrades made the system much more visually appealing and easier to use for learners. 

Staff and TAs also saved time with simpler course administration workflows. This allowed them to focus their efforts more directly on education quality rather than getting bogged down in platform management. With a tailored Moodle LMS theming now in place, i3L can continue advancing its curriculum and programmes with a world-class online learning foundation. Students are more motivated to engage in virtual classes, assignments and collaborations to drive better educational outcomes.   

  • Increased student and faculty platform usage 
  • More visually engaging interface 
  • Easier course administration for staff
  • Freed up IT team to focus on other initiatives 
  • Reliable and optimised Moodle environment

Overt and I3L’s collaboration for customisation and management of the Moodle LMS platform empowered this leading life sciences institute to focus on what matters most - delivering an innovative curriculum and enriching learner experience leveraging technology. 

"Thanks to the offered Moodle theming, i3L campus lecturers and students can use Moodle as a learning platform." 

(Berkat moodle theming yang ditawarkan, dosen dan mahasiswa kampus i3L dapat menggunakan moodle sebagai sarana belajar)

Andria Gutama

IT Manager, i3L University - Indonesia

Need Help on Elevating Your Moodle Theme to the Next Level  

As learning technology progresses, keeping your Moodle platform's visual theme updated and appealing ensures an engaging experience for students and faculty over time.  

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent  -Joe Sparano-

Partnering with expert services tailored to your institute's brand and needs efficiently enhances platform adoption through a refined user experience. We offer affordable packages to level up your existing Moodle theme or build a new custom one from scratch. 

 At Overt, our UX-focused theming elevates Moodle aesthetics and usability through modern interfaces purpose-built around key workflows. We help you: 

  • Implement sleek, on-brand design systems 
  • Streamline navigation and access
  • Personalise dashboards  
  • Integrate multimedia interactivity  
  • Mobile-optimise templates 

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